A network marketing company.

Network marketing, MLM, Marketing plan in business for the company plays an important role in the diffusion of products.

Network marketing is a marketing concept that implies creating multilevel organization designed to promote goods and services from producer to consumer, using direct contact of man with man.

Income in network marketing . in the form of Commission, is distributed to all levels of the organization. In the traditional situation of the retail sales of several sellers in the shop all day long, usually earning very little in comparison with the income of the company. In network marketing many people are involved in the distribution of the product. As a consequence, each particular person does much less work when promoting the product. The complex of advertising, sale and distribution of the product (product marketing ) through the multilevel organization of people (or network). These people, often at home, I suggest the product to others (share product), getting buyers for your company, and offer participation in business, teaching others to build their own distribution networks.

The secret of network marketing is that contact occurs between those who are acquainted with the products and those who use them and distributes information about them. Non-traditional is that in meteomarine first contact is initiated, typically, by the distributor.

In fact, the activity of every person in network marketing is this.

dissemination of information on products and services.

dissemination of information on business opportunities.

teaching other people the art of information dissemination.

Thus, network marketing is a really popular business. Companies that use network marketing gives the opportunity to earn a lot of money to a large number of people because the process is very effective.

Network marketing is a stable business.

Network marketing is one of the fastest growing methods of distribution of goods and services worldwide. Total sales of the network marketing industry has 60 billion. The current level of sales of 20 billion U.S. dollars per year. Annual growth -20-30.

Only in America more than half of the total volume of goods and services sold through network marketing system.

In the United States has about 1500 MLM companies, some of which have multimillion dollar turnovers.

The network marketing strategy used by such companies as Coca-cola, Colgate, Gilette, Visa, Lipton, Ford, Cannon, Sharp, Xerox and many other companies from around the world.

Spreading about 20 thousand products and services around the world, this business involved approximately 16 million people.

But it’s not just that millions of people realize the dream of a better life, but also that the number of products and services is constantly growing, the range is updated by bringing in new technologies. Because network marketing is not tied to any particular product or technology, updates, inherent in the concept, allows industry the flexibility to fit in with the ever-changing market. Thus, network marketing is the economic wave of the future, a logical step in the evolution of free enterprise.

Place Network Marketing Business.

The single most important element of an effective Business is the quality of relationships between people involved in Business, and consumers.

Network Marketing is based only on sales through relationships between people, which is the highest art of selling today. Small and large companies in the country and around the world today understand that some people who sell their friends and colleagues through a personal relationship, is the future industry sales. Because the main element in buying or selling is trust.

Network Marketing gives You the opportunity to put elements of trust and good relations at the heart of the Business.

Network marketing today legitimately be called phenomenal phenomenon in Economics, social marketing, hope for the future. This system treated major corporations, our industry support of the government and of the chamber of Commerce of the United States, many other States, an international NGO. Shares of a number of companies are highly rated in the securities market. The real explosion in network marketing has not happened because the leadership of most network marketing companies are only now beginning to understand what potential lies in expanding the range of products offered through distributors, but not in the growing network of distributors.

Does it pay to use network marketing as the distribution system.

Companies that use network marketing . avoid the huge number of terrifying costs. Using the method of network marketing, there is no need to create and maintain a network of retail outlets. There is no need in advertising campaigns all over the country, and as people in the organization act as independent entrepreneurs, there is no need to maintain a huge staff of highly paid managers who oversee the work. In network marketing work is controlled, the product gets the advertising, sold and delivered, because the efforts of the people doing the work are generously compensated. And just because people are working for themselves, they have the freedom to enjoy life.

What is the Marketing plan.

The marketing plan is one of the most important tools of a network marketing company.

In fact, the marketing plan is a document under which the company pays money to an independent distributor for his work. Marketing plan contains a list of conditions for obtaining distributor commissions and bonuses. Usually described in a graphical manner with the necessary comments.

Used – so in network marketing, called the award distributor, for the purchase of goods wholesale and selling retail.

Premium is the consideration to which the company, in accordance with the compensation plan pays distributors or the results of the sales made by members of the organization, distributor, or depending on the number of constructed levels of the structure.

According to the marketing plan can understand a lot about company policy and its relationship with distributors in different stages of advancement. Although the number of levels in the network marketing companies may be different, the real return to the network ranges between 20 and 40 percent.

Before you start in network marketing . try to carefully examine and understand the marketing plan, do Not be stingy to ask questions – You will answer them with pleasure.

Whether high quality products in network marketing.

In almost all cases the answer is Yes! The very nature of the concept of network marketing involves the quality of the product. Consider this: if Your business growth is based on a direct recommendation to a person who not only bought Your product but also uses it for months it’s better the product will be good.

Network marketing is the business in which the company booming. And the reason is that the products are really useful and people confidently recommend them to others. And although this is the main reason, there are several reasons why the products and services sold on the network marketing system, very good. These products are much fresher , so how to develop much faster. In the normal retail situation, the products are very long chain: the manufacturer – some large wholesalers – warehouses and, in the end, fall on the shelves, which might be weeks or months before being sold. In network marketing products are the way of the company to the customer for the hundredths this time. The high quality of the products is also due to the fact that network marketing companies don’t spend huge sums on advertising campaigns, fancy packaging, etc. and allowed the money to improve product quality and long-term business development.

Network marketing is full of unique and fantastic products that deliver stunning results and different from the existing ones in retail counterparts are much higher quality and higher value.

The ratio of the prices of the products of network marketing companies for similar goods or services.

This is one of the most difficult issues. Products of similar purpose can have in the retail price both below and above. Full analogue, as a rule, simply does not exist.

If you understand that the price of the product includes multiple pre – and post-sales consulting, delivery to the desired address, the stability of subsequent receipt of any product, service, and quality guarantee, the price of goods and services network marketing companies is much lower. If you compare the mechanical shelf, it may be higher.

How much money will I need to begin network business.

Much less than You think! The specific amount depends on the form of participation in this business and the region of residence (different regions different delivery from the warehouse). Read more about the cost and conditions of registration in network marketing look at the registration page. When You compare initial costs ordinary business (rental and maintenance of office equipment, hiring of staff, etc.), network marketing will appear before You as an exciting and profitable opportunity in comparison with the standard complex and expensive approach to business.

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