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To start a business is possible without money, and without business experience. All this can be acquired in the course of conducting the business itself. To answer the question “how to start a business from scratch”, let’s consider in detail what is required to run your business. For example, take the business to the provision of services. For example, it is the business of transporting people or taxi. So, what do we need to run this business: – dispatching; – Manager; – taxis; – vehicles; – drivers; – accountant; – office; – phone; – business cards; – money for salaries of managers, accountants, drivers, rental of premises, design.

Now let’s look at whether startup businesses need all of the above. No dispatch can be dispensed with, because the Manager can receive calls anywhere, including at home. No taxis, too, can do, because you can hire drivers with their own vehicles who are engaged in their service. Duties of accountant you can do yourself, because at first not much paperwork. You have to apply any complicated documents, you can seek the services of accounting firms and to pay for each service separately. The office is also not necessary, as there is no one to sit. Business cards need tolikoni emphasis on attracting the customers is made to distribute business cards. Money for the salaries of the dispatchers and drivers are not required to run. You can negotiate with all workers on a piece-rate wage system. Then everyone will be interested in the success of the entire firm.

So, for example, we found that for startup businesses don’t always need to have the fact that there are usually firms who have been working in the same area. But there is a certain minimum that depends on each business. For example in the taxi business can not do without your phone. This phone will be receiving calls from customers. So the design of beautiful rooms can be seen as initial costs. The phone sometimes it is necessary to charge and is the cost of electricity. It is also desirable to have a computer with Internet access to advertise vacancies and to advertise the services of the firm. Legal registration of business in the form of IP will require 800 rubles on payment of the registration fee.

It turns out that some of the costs associated with starting a business, people have in any case. Therefore, for simplicity, the definition of what a business from scratch it is conditionally possible to say that this is a business, requiring significant investment. For reference you can take the figure of 58 000. Such a subsidy be given to the employment centers on the opening of the business. To get a subsidy, you have to be unemployed and to apply for a subvention to the employment center at the place of residence. If Your region has a program to subsidize the opening of the business, to receive a subsidy, You need to protect your business plan. Learn more about getting grants from the state You can in the topic: subsidies from the state for the opening of the business.

For example, business the taxi dispatcher we looked at how to start your business without large cash investments. A similar optimization of investment can be applied to any business.

Business without risk of burn.

We know that business is connected with risk, and the statistics confirms this. According to statistics, 90% of biznesmeni close in during the first year after launch. Compared with the usual device to work it does not go in any comparison. Chances of being sacked ten times less, and even in this case, the person receives a salary and gets another job, that is, the risk is almost zero.

On the other hand, you have to consider what is the cost of the risk, or not. When applying for a job, the wages is limited to the average level for the industry and the region. If the enterprise has an opportunity to allocate more money for salaries, it’s easier to find more workers for the same wages or hire more professional employees at a high salary. In order to have good prospects for salary growth requires education and experience. Higher education is 5 years of study. Sometimes pay study. Then a few years to gain experience.

Thus no fee for the risk at work a few years training for it, that is, several years of work at a loss in terms of money. At the same time how many attempts run your business you can make in 5 years? On average to run a full business from scratch requires 6 months. In 5 years your business can be run 10 times. And every time a new. And there is a high probability that some of the undertakings will be successful. After all, with the launch of each new business You have more experience.

As the business You start without a large monetary investment, and large losses are not, so the financial risks are minimal. Taking into account the time of the Commission of attempts to start the business and training for the device to normal operation it is possible to consider that business from scratch is no risk of burn.

Where to get money for business.

We have found that some of the money to the business as needed. Even if do not need money for business, then they need for the entrepreneur to in case of unsuccessful attempts in business, he had money for the maintenance: housing, food, clothing, communications and so on.

There are several solutions to this problem.

1. Accumulate. For saving money you can get a job. Need to save up enough money to last for 6 months on Your stay, once You stop working.

2. To work and do their job. You can find a job that is not time-consuming or interfere with Your business. This can be the most simple minimum wage job. Importantly, the salaries of You have enough to live. In this case, you do not have to defer to pay for the running of the business.

3. To find an investor. The investor, investing in someone’s project, is interested in making a profit from it. So if Your business requires a lot of monetary investment, and You found an investor, then be prepared the first time to give the bulk of the profits to the investor. To interest the investor will need to make a business plan, attention to detail, and be prepared for the fact that the investor will require to make the business legally so that he had a guarantee of investment return.

4. To find a partner. Unlike the investor, except that money is no longer involved in the project, the partner is usually fully immersed in a business project. In this case, with a partner share as material investments and responsibilities in the business. Say You decided to open a construction company, and know how to build and make repairs, but do not know how to do sales. In this case, the ideal partner would be someone who knows a lot about sales, then You would be responsible for the construction work, but a partner for finding customers and work with them.

5. Collective investment or crowdfunding. There are sites that help you raise money from a large number of people. If Your project can interest the masses, and many people will want to invest a small sum of money each, with a large number of such investors is quite possible to gain the necessary amount.

6. A Bank loan. As a rule of opening a business banks do not give loans. Give credit to the development of existing business. However, you can take credit as an individual on a vacant target. Or to purchase goods and equipment needed for business, on credit programs for the population. Often such terms are more favourable than in obtaining credit for working business.

7. Subsidies from the state. We’ve talked about grants from the employment center in the amount of 58 000. In addition there is a subsidy, issued by the Department for development of small and medium businesses. Which are under the administration of each region. The size of the subsidy depends on the region and on average is 300 thousand rubles. To receive a subsidy, you will need to develop a business plan and win the competition.

There is another type of subsidy that is sometimes used to launch their business. It is associated with obtaining money for the development of the territory. Such a subsidy can be obtained through the municipal administration. You will need to develop a plan for the improvement of the urban area that could be interested in administration. As an example may be the development of a new Park or sports complex.

To learn more about these ways of finding money for their business and some others You can read on the page: how to find money to start your business.

Top 20 business ideas without investment 2017, 2018.

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Business ideas from scratch
To start a business is possible without money, and without business experience. All this can be acquired in the course of conducting the business itself. To answer the question "how…

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