Business ideas without investment

In the financial crisis, when the number of jobs is declining, but the consumer area and services are in demand, ideas to start their own business without large investments or even a business with a complete zero occupy the minds of ordinary citizens.

The desire to find opportunities to make extra money is an important reason for the search activities without the investment. The benefits of such businesses can be considered as the minimum amount of risk, and if the person believes that he is strong in some area, it will serve as an additional guarantee luck new beginnings.

Business with full scratch do it.

No, this business does not happen. In any case, you will have to invest.

If there is no formation time.

And, in any case, a lot of enthusiasm.

There is a view that all proposed ideas for newbies is not a business, and handicraft. But it’s at zero there is no start. If there are no funds for wage earners, you have to be an employee himself. And only with the growth of the business, your own skills and income to be able to delegate some of its functions to someone else. Moreover, very often, even grown businessmen of the small spheres have to create the years, a appropriate replacement. It specificmalloc business. Small business lifestyle. To dream that a couple of years, the gears are spinning without any of your participation at least naive.

In this article are collected verified ideas in which you can still find a niche. Consider what your highlight among the masses the same, and forward. Each of these ideas fits in with the requirements of low start.

The types of businesses that you can start without big investments.

We present at least 100 ideas to organize a small business without much investment. There is no clear division into separate groups, but to better understand the areas in which you can go take conventional classification by types.

Services. This type includes the provision of assistance and services in any area, and it may be associated with basic education that a person has or is in a completely different field.

Work on the Internet. Network businesses develop very quickly and have a wide distribution, due to the constant development of technology and penetration of online services in every field of human activity.

The production of goods . This group includes options for their own business with raising the initial capital required for the purchase of necessary equipment and tools for the manufacture of selected products.

Hand-made . Another area that is becoming more popular because the products made by hand, demand among a wide range of consumers.

Car service. Industry, which does not lose its vosstrebovannosti, as the number of private vehicles is increasing every year and requires regular maintenance of machinery.

Trade. The kind that will not lose its relevance, because while there are commodity-money relations in society, there will be trade. The only feature of this activity is the inability to do without initial capital.

Gambling. In the network there are a large number of stock exchanges, offering to participate in making money on the difference in market rates of stocks, commodities or currencies. For the successful conduct of such business requires not just a superficial understanding of the process, but more in-depth knowledge in the field of economy, which will become a real trader. Most often, these types of businesses are offered to users with minimal start-up capital, made to attract potential players.

Tutoring or paid advice. Requirement: the availability of education and related literature, the purchase of which will need about 10 thousand rubles.

Beauty salon for animals. Many people are willing to pay big money for the appearance of their dogs or cats. The investment will amount to buying clippers, the price of which starts from one and a half thousand rubles.

Repair computers. For business development required skills and knowledge of PC set of screwdrivers.

Photo services. Each wedding or celebration requires the presence of the photographer. Buying an expensive camera (price from 35000) and the presence of a color photo printer (price 2500) will become. Knowledge of photoshop is encouraged.

Dog walking. Another thing that doesn’t require any attachments is the dog-walking services Pets, namely dogs. The house containing the animal, has sufficient free time to complete a walk.

Service “husband for an hour” . Due to the large employment of many men at work they do not have enough time to domestic duties. With enough skills in electrics, carpentry, joinery and can offer performance similar cases Housewives, who will be delighted with fixed doors or fixed plumbing.

Repair of household appliances. For organizing such a business will require basic knowledge of electrics and mechanics, as well as the ability to read schematic diagrams.

A private sauna. Such a variant is suitable for living in the private sector. Just have to arrange their own room and make it suitable for visitors. Then will only have to develop an advertising concept.

Massage. Former graduates of medical schools should be encouraged to engage in such services as massage. The cost of courses varies from 8 to 9 thousand rubles, and their duration is 2-3 months.

Cleaning carpets at home. For the implementation you will need to purchase a quality vacuum cleaner (15,000 rubles) and steamer (starting from 5,000 rubles.

Automotive business ideas.

The best ideas in the automotive business include the following items.

Tire. You can open your own spot on the tire. Minimum requirements – garage, tool kit (the price is 30 thousand rubles.

Car wash. One more thing to organize the garage. At the initial stage, need a mini-sink, and further, when expanding, you can think about buying more professional equipment for washing machine. The price from 15000.

Services painting and straightening. Accidents are not uncommon and in most cases requires a corresponding beauty events with the car, including treatment of the point of impact and painting. The cost of paint from 400 rubles per liter, grinder from 1500 rubles.

Tuning. Many who want to make my car unusual, but not all have this ability. If any, and the ability to repair a car you can open your own tuning Studio.

Sewing slipcovers . A service that does not require large investment but can yield good profits. To organize this activity you will need a sewing machine (price 8000) and some material (from 450 rubles a meter.

Restoration of tires. Another area, which can also be claimed, is the retreading of tyres and eliminating the roughness. For starters will require approximately 10-15 thousand for the purchase of equipment.

Renting a garage or car rentals.

Taxi . Having your own car you can do as a cab driver, has to be registered in the Uber app and start earning money.

Dismantling for parts. Not every motorist can buy a new part. It is based on this concept of this idea. Buying broken or old cars for their subsequent disassembly can bring good profit in the future.

Car service. Under this idea implies the provision of traditional repair. Depending on your own skills, you can organize more complex types of repair.

Earnings on the Internet.

Writing texts. Writing or rewriting can be a great source of additional income. This business does not require investments, requires only Internet access and a computer.

Creating your own sites. For the organization of such activities requires knowledge in programming and web design.

Writing software for computers or phones . Another variety, which is associated with writing computer programs or software for the phone. Training will be required for at least one year.

Selling things on Craigslist. In this case you will need to register on the site. You can start with selling your own things, in the future when the stock of capital, you can buy things and sell them slightly more expensive.

The system of active promotion. This implies an earnings on the clicks, but it should be said that this kind of activity does not bring tangible income.

Promotion of services via the Internet. Through a global network to sell not only their texts but also graphics, translation, design projects.

Infobiznes. The kind of idea which is to sell information through the Internet. As information are the sites, audio, video, ebooks, software.

Freelance. Remote work – another popular kind of earnings on the Internet. In this case it is possible to get a job operator call-center, sales Manager, and even accountant.

Taking surveys. In the network a large number of services that offer small rewards for completing surveys online.

Earnings on the forums. Many forums hire people to conduct a specific branch and maintain the “vitality” of the resource. For these services a reward.

The organization of holidays. One of the varieties of their own business, which can be a good source of income. The most important thing to be able to competently and correctly to speak and write good scripts.

Babysitting services. Typical female business idea that requires no investment. The main requirement is the ability to deal with children.

Services in the field of beauty. This area includes manicure, pedicure, make-up or hairstyling. In the form of initial investment, it is possible to designate the acquisition of the necessary equipment, the cost of which will amount to 15 thousand rubles.

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