Free and promising niches for business.

A reasoned choice of a niche for business – Foundation to successful entrepreneurship. How to lay the Foundation with a minimum of risk and which market trends to follow.

Search for the perfect niche.

You understand correctly: the search for niches for business is an extremely complex stage because of the abundance of options. At the same time rich in variation expands the boundaries of possibilities. Luck in this case plays the most important role, but the care, sensitivity and intuition will become a lifeline in a turbulent sea of market trends.

In 2017 to wait for help from the state is not necessary in connection with numerous political events in 2014-2016 the Tax system has become more complicated due to the emergence of new taxes and strengthening existing ones. The tax burden eliminates good projects, must be re-evaluated when choosing a niche.

Economic sanctions also have an impact on the niche approach of the enterprises, on the one hand, setting limits, on the other hand, opening up new niches for business, the development of which in the Russian Federation earlier would not bring profit.

The concept and value niche.

In the business context, the term “niche” refers to a narrow sector of the needs of customers, the satisfaction of which becomes someone’s business and make a profit. It’s simple – the right product or service will benefit the customer demand. Actually no unnecessary niches. In each of them there is a need,otherwise the market conditions would weed out unpromising niche.

You need to soberly assess the competition. Too busy niche can be profitable but a lot of effort will have to be applied to the development superanalogue an offer that will distinguish you from the competition.

Than have – the better.

Most aspiring entrepreneurs believe that the known, proven, in other words, busy niche – this last century, and we need to strive for something totally new. Target audience in the pleasant shock of the new facilities, your product is wildly popular, the money stream is flowing into your pocket. Leave this illusion and look at the situation through the eyes of a potential client.

Appeared on the market a new product or service about which nobody knows. Everything go by, unable to understand the essence. Detailed explanations still leave the customer confused, and he leaves. He’ll be back, of course! After 3-4 years, when the niche will successfully grow in the market and all will understand its benefits.

Selecting a free and an unknown niche, be prepared that the return on your business will not come as quickly as we would like, while well-known, but unfilled niche will be in demand. At least until, while others will not steal this idea and start to implement it on every corner.

If you want to choose the original niche, hoping that this will be the main advantage of your business, it’s the wrong move. It is impossible to direct the audience’s attention on unnecessary goods, however exotic it may be.

The introduction of niche.

Well-chosen niche will allow the company with a small market share to high income, and powerful corporations, a new niche will allow you to find additional markets, to expand the sphere of influence and to brush up its image among audience.

How to understand when you need a new niche? You will be able to identify the following factors.

the income of the company decreases.

product/service loses competitiveness.

the firm is a dying market share.

market position weakened.

Then a new niche becomes a way of business diversification, switching the search of source of income to other areas. On the other hand, helps to survive, to strengthen its position in the market and without loss to move to another specialization.

There are reasons for the decreased activity of audience for which we have no control. In 2016 it is the deterioration of the financial condition of customers in connection with the fall of the ruble and rising prices. But many factors are in the sphere of your influence. For example, the prices of products, advertising campaign, level of service etc. When you will take comprehensive measures to optimize the operation of your office, it will be seen in what area to look for a new niche.

Designated a promising niche.

After the essence and concept figured out, there comes the question of how to choose a niche for your business. We first need to define the target audience.

The notion that you must like what you are doing is romantic assumptions which often have no relation to reality.

You have to see the needs of the client, to feel it. He wants to get what is waiting for you. For example, one of the students of the school of Business of the Youth, the man a little older than 30 years, engaged in the sale of curlers. Believe me, he doesn’t need curlers. He knew that it is necessary for girls.

Your research of the target audience should not end with determining the age, status, occupation. Communicate with people as an outside person, ask what they want, as if it was easier for them to buy products etc. conducted a survey in the form of questionnaires. However, the target audience may be not only a group of people, but others depending on your business structure.

B2B – business to business – orientation of business to the company.

B2C – business to client – product/service is provided directly to the client.

The business model will identify the target audience you are going to explore, until then, until you know all the intricacies of consumer behavior. Then you will be able to identify and niche.

To find a niche, use the following scheme.

market segment (for example, shoes.

category (home or seasonal.

subcategory (summer shoes.

niche (sandals.

podniku (high-heeled sandals, or go low.

This example might be matched incorrectly, but the main thing that you should learn a niche site among other structural elements of the market. That is, niche – not shoes in General, based on the example and the specific of its kind.

Where to find niche.

Not to miscalculate, you need to open up new niches in those segments, the development and filling of which is at an early stage. In 2017, the promising business areas covering the Internet technology. It turned out that all roads somehow lead to the Internet. Let’s see this.

Mobile payments.

Experts believe this is a promising area, because the payment transaction via the phone gaining popularity, and displace similar Bank operations. This trend was formed against the background of a huge number of smartphones, which provide Internet access. The position of banks in relevant field gradually weaken due to increasing number of smart phones, and then the gap will be more noticeable.

Niches that can be identified in this category is not to sell smartphones. Please note, this niche is already occupied, sellers of iPhones to date enough. There is a deficit in the mechanisms that would have greatly simplified the transfer of money using mobile payment. You can develop a program that will allow you to debit funds directly from a credit card at the expense of the organization. Maybe you will find something more interesting in this area.

Learning online.

Online learning to 2016-2017 was given the status of only the additional, support of education, which is not considered serious. Many people think that education is a kind of method of self-assertion, but not something that will allow you to get specialty.

However, analysts predict the increasing role of online learning. Soon the value of traditional universities will be reduced and alienated modern students. In the network it will be possible to listen to lectures in different languages from the best teachers, to education from all over the world without leaving home.

Organization of mass, accessible to all online courses is a promising niche that benefits and not busy. Organize your online College for now, and to the very peak of the popularity of online learning will gain a large audience and roll.

Online selling products delivered.

This niche in the Russian Federation are not new, but at this stage it is free. There are no such organizations that would present their services for the delivery of products throughout the country, there is no “network”, that permeated a large region. Typically, this service is available only in big cities. Often, the problem lies in the fact that products delivers the personnel of the supermarket, which has limitations. For example, the distribution of the products takes place when the purchase amount is less than 1200 rubles.

One caveat – you need to look for is the site of the supermarket where there is a online store, because most often are those resources on which the information on cooperation, offers, discounts, etc.

Your task is to become online seller of products and to organize their delivery. This niche can be won, offering, along with innovative idea, great prices.

“Smart” gadgets.

Emerged sports bracelets, which analyze the health of the owner and count the number of steps. Soon this function will perform not only bracelets but also watches, sunglasses, etc. also optionally focus on health. “Smart” gadget can provide information about the style of drive, about the product, person to one of the staff. This direction is only gaining momentum, he has good prospects.

Agricultural products.

Do not think that the urgency of the development of agriculture is gaining momentum because of the sanctions on the import of agricultural products on the territory of Russia. If these sanctions will be relevant for another three years is not enough time for business development in the agricultural sector. So just going to rely on a favorable agricultural background in Russia, in which business will flourish.

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