Home business on the Internet

To build on the work I couldn’t, because was a student in full-time and earn a mover or promoter for a penny also didn’t want to.

About Drazdy I thought why not start working for yourself . I knew the computer was able to configure programs Internet and more.

And I decided to do it: place your ad in the newspaper with the text setting up the PC , waited for calls, and to my surprise, they went.

Very clearly remember my first client came after me by car, although he lived at the other end of the city. He needed a setup Windows to resolve a few problems with the Internet.

I solved these problems, and took with him about 500 rubles . It was my first earnings! I first had sold their services.

W a 1.5 hour 500 rubles . Nice! The more that I could negotiate with customers at a time when I have no lectures! In the day I had 2-3 calls and about 1 out to the client. I earned about 10-15 thousand rubles a month . working about 2 hours a day.

For a comparison, in my city until now, the salary of 15 thousand rubles sitesyoung good . and I was making that kind of money 4-5 years ago.

Roman at that, I was acquainted with very different people and expand your social circle: the customers were the military, businessmen, salesmen, teachers, there was even one model . who managed to save all the photos from the photo sessions, after their accidental deletion.

In this I was more than 100 clients . some of them asked for my help again.

I Have Made Conclusions.

Roma option to get education = to get a job, there is another way . You can do what you like . and to make this hobby to my mini-business.

For this you need to solve the problem of other people. For solving the problems of people are willing to pay money . A lot of work not to work effectively. You need to work and earn more money per unit of time . This is possible only by working on yourself.

Employees do not pay as much though, because the employer will always find in the labour market replace you. No-one is irreplaceable.

The responsibility for your life you need to take into their own hands, to actively seek opportunities and implement them. Excuses are not accepted. You need to act.

Further = More Interesting.

Sh lo time, and my clients began to come across people who were interested in the sites it was businessmen and entrepreneurs . Someone website was needed for the image, and someone to make money, for example, for sales (the online store.

To AK once, walking around the Internet, I found one site similar to the one You are reading now. The author told how you can learn to do managed sites . without reading boring books and without visiting expensive courses.

O n offered to buy its author’s training course on DVDs videos, he comments on all your actions to create a website directly from the screen of your monitor . After a few weeks I already picked up the parcel at your post office. Training course cost about 1800 rubles . In about a month I learned how to make good websites, I was surprised that creating a website is actually not as difficult as it seems at first glance.

I started taking the first orders from customers, and after a day or two had brought them a ready-made website layout, and then we discussed the details, and I brought to mind the little things. Their services to create a website, I estimated then approximately in 10 000 roubles a day I could earn up to 2-3 thousand rubles. More money per time unit is possible . My Conclusions made earlier, was fully confirmed.

P rich this work was quieter repair and PC settings: when the mood sat down at the computer and worked for an hour or two. Five or six such approaches and information resource ready.

You can now look at one of my first works. This online store exotic houseplants . Garden in the House. The address of the site.

Where Is More Money? In Moscow.

Order sites it was all good until they run out.

G Horodok We have a small, and in comparison with the capital, stingy to generous customers . Another thing, Moscow and St. Petersburg. There is a lot of money. Need to somehow sneak in there. And I knew HOW.

I created a small website where he posted his portfolio ( already made the work ), and launched a small advertising campaign on a search engine. When a potential customer typed in Yandex to order a website or online business card cost , there was an announcement with a link to my resource. Thus, I was able for the modest money ( 300-600 rubles, the cost of advertising ) to get quite large orders 10-15 thousand for a website.

T hen I first felt the full power and flexibility of Internet advertising . You can make an advertising campaign in any city, at any time, with any budget . starting from 300 rubles and go to any audience, which is interesting to me.

On sobenno often I was contacted by the people behind the creation of the online store . They sold everything from pin numbers, direct numbers, spirits, plants, training courses and much more. And made these people very good money.

On The Other Side Of The Button To Order , Or How I Sold Training.

At this time I was also interested in everything . anything related to personal growth and development of abilities . I Read a lot of books on the subject, but I especially liked the video trainings . Often seen are downright excellent benefits, part of the methods of which I use to this day is the techniques of efficiency, motivation, ability to understand people, their intentions and aspirations.

Worked with the banal logic . if you like me, why not sell training courses to those who are interested.

I did a few searches on the Internet to assess the demand for these products and were amazed: tens of thousands of people were looking for training, courses and information for the topic.

N e hesitation, I took a few favorite training, made them a detailed description with pictures . and began to sell them through your website using effective online advertising.

On an average day I had 1-2 order in the day they were issued, and carried in the mail. I.e. sales were cash on delivery . and the client did not have to make an order for prepayment. The orders were from different cities from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.

P about the time this business took even less than the creation of sites: 1 hour per day = to Issue orders to carry to the post office to get the translations. The Customers Are Happy. The government gets the taxes. Mail Commission . The services of the Internet advertising money, and I, accordingly, all that remains, which is about 30 to 40 thousand rubles a month . working only 1 hour per day Fairytale, not life, I could even afford to go away for 3-4 days to relax until my site visitors came and ordered 95% automation.

Soon I realized that it is more profitable to sell their trainings . after all, so you can be nice to unwind , to create a database of subscribers, and to transfer the knowledge I have, to everyone. The business of selling training I sold a young entrepreneur, his gaze turned in the info business . which you can read about next.

Info-business: All genius is simple.

P efore the I will tell you about info business let’s think: why do people use Internet? You might say that the search for information . and you’re right. Someone wants to download another essay or term papers, other information about new movies or games, the third compares the prices of a particular product, looking for a fourth artist for a new Internet project, etc. ie, all looking for information of a different nature . I’ll tell you what she is paid and free. Pay information buy in different formats (books, CDs, access to sites, trainings, etc.), and for free information people pay to see advertising . Pay attention to radio and television: for the end user (viewer or listener) the information is free.

N about the owners of TV channels have a profit. Where does it come from? On TV and radio to advertise . and the main income of the media comes from it. If free information is of poor quality, the TV channel’s rating will fall . Fall and advertising revenue. Therefore, for successful info-business needs good quality information.

L Juba service, information or service on the Internet needs to be of high quality, i.e. useful for the user . otherwise they will eventually lose some customers to their competitors, and therefore part of their profits.

Very good example of quality information are all sorts of courses and trainings.

N eucetsa now anything to Draw in photoshop, Write articles, Make websites, promote them, invest the money to earn . you can learn programming . design, personal effectiveness, playing guitar and much more. It would wish.

About the training, education, knowledge are some of the most beneficial assets of the individual. In other words, having learned something once You can apply it many times in my life, a therefore repeatedly to recoup the costs of training, so it’s good to capitalize on their knowledge.

To onkretnyh example? Please! When I didn’t know how to make websites . I bought a video training from the Author, who was well versed in it. Spent about 1800 rubles. Learned . Earned on the Saito structure on the tens (if not hundreds) times more.

Want to Learn More about building a Business? Get Access to 5 Video tutorials . For free! Click on the Link: to Access.

What do You think, how much money the authors of trainings, video courses, and where in this business for the money.

The Internet Income. Fantastic Reality.

D avayte calculate how much earns the author and seller of information goods with an average popularity on the Internet. Take as an example the same disk with video lessons of creation of sites.

And so: the Cost 1,800 rubles . Is income with one sale. Consumption: 50 rubles (Cost of disk, carton, print on it + recording) + 200 rubles (sending 1st class nalagay) + consumption is (relatively 500 rubles) taxes (150 rubles ): it turns out a profit of 1000 rubles of net per sale.

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