How to become an entrepreneur 10 tips for beginners

Today’s note is useful primarily to those who only want or think to start a business, but do not know from what side to start. I often write or call people “Mishan, want to start a business of their own, but damn, tell me what’s where.

Guys, You still probably to begin earlier, if such questions are asked. Something from the category of “I Want a lot of money” or “I Want to be happy”. Ie no specifics. Of course, I ask questions already with regards to a particular business, or direction of the business and then I usually go and help with advice if you need it. But as a rule at the initial stage are eliminated these people because I want to talk for the sake of conversation, what — don’t know =). And meet too seldom, because everything usually ends earlier on a phone call. Two or three counter-question from me and one goes to think.

But the fact that people are increasingly asking these questions is a big plus. So the interest is there and this is important. So I decided to write this note. This article is not a magic pill and not step by step instructions, and the story of how I and many of my friends become entrepreneurs and what exactly do you need? Go.

1. Get your ass up off the couch.

Surprised? The most simple advice. Although secretly I tell you that you can be an entrepreneur and not raising assholes,but you need to have sickly entrepreneurial experience and activities appropriate conduct (e.g., the Internet). In General, it is the most realistic and effective method to get started to move. Start your way. Enough constantly to prepare and read books, dive into all the new knowledge that lie dormant in your head. Enough to postpone. An entrepreneur is someone who undertakes. And this requires action to move your body in space. Under the rolling stone gathers no moss. Customers, relationships and money too. A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, duck make the first move. Today one, tomorrow second, and in a month you will be 30 steps further those who still thinks and is not solved. In a year you will not catch up.

If I started my own business 10 years ago, but now, figuratively speaking, would build not houses, and would have built the whole city. In his first intellectual work, I tried to fulfill all scheduled early, then to sit and study forums about home business. I only had 50 megabytes of traffic a month, but that’s enough for me to surf the Internet and read. Remember sitting on one of the works in free time studied the vending business. At the time it seemed very interesting to me. I studied all the forums, read all the sites and threads about vending. Printed mountains of literature, studied, studied, studied. I wanted to install conventional mechanical vending machines Shoe covers in hospitals. Developed a business plan, probing everything inside and out. But did not dare. Later it turned out that is then in our city took up a good friend of mine, and quite successfully. In talking with him I realized that he was doing everything exactly as I painted. But there is one thing. He did and I’m not. And such situations I have a lot. Therefore it is better to make and regret, than about what did not.

You have no idea what opportunities do we all miss every day, every hour. Start looking yourself! Start today! Raise your ass off the couch! Enough chantelise and to defer until later (highly recommend to watch/read.

2. Change your environment.

I urge you to abandon your friends and will turn to him the ass, which you raised from the couch =) But to reconsider the environment you have. Think who of your friends hronia and get rid of them. From those who use you and gives you nothing in return, also get rid of. Who constantly goes around your neck send to hell. Understand that if you are surrounded by such people-“friends”, who you then will surround the business.

After the divorce I went back to a familiar parent the yard, to my old friends with whom we really had fun. We drank beer and took time off until the morning. No, we didn’t fly into rages, fantasies we have enough to have fun from the heart. The whole yard candles to make, on the waterfront, songs bawl. Every evening we were written off Vkontakte, went out into the yard, bought the beer and then the evening blended into night and sometimes in the morning. It has been 2 years aimlessly/hanging out. I remember him with a smile, but never more than a few pleasant memories it gave me. It was a great time, but useless. The environment, with whom I interacted have reached their ceiling, and I wanted to move on. They are good guys, no. They are very good and many of them are now also growing in something. But at that time they could not give more. I didn’t learn them anything new. At some point I woke up and realized that live is not quite true and not because they wanted to. And I went on. I know it wasn’t easy. Because the longer you are in the environment that affects you negatively, the harder it is for him subsequently to get out.

Think about who you communicate now and decide whether those are people you would like to see. Your environment shapes you. Keep this in mind.

3. Don’t be afraid to meet and make new contacts.

The axiom that a rolling stone gathers no moss we have seen. And the fact that standing water goes out, too, let’s be clear. Update your contacts, get to know everywhere and always, if possible. Since my childhood was very humble and shy person, and even now I largely like this. But I always try to overcome yourself and go meet because you never know what will be in the future useful a particular contact. It’s liberating, it helps to find the right communication, it develops speech skills in a constructive and competent communication. Don’t be afraid of the number. Someday it will grow into a quality. So I found all their partners in past and current businesses.

I spoke everywhere, not only in real life but also online. Believe me social networks are not just pants sit, where you can establish some useful contacts. After his first successful automotive business and a few unfortunate small, I was thinking what to do next. Avtodelo I sold, because with the high-tech part has decided to temporarily tie, and soul wasn’t in it. Other businesses did not bring neither satisfaction nor money. Therefore I was in search of. And in one of the groups Vkontakte reading the thread on the business ideas came across guys who would like to Petrozavodsk to develop some lines of business, which they have not. The guys in the business have earned some money and was looking for new sources of income in order to invest in them. I’m in the city monitor all emerging niches and studied them. I contacted the guys and told them just what interesting we have some guys, they said what are you doing in my city. So we started networking. Guys is engaged in that rented out the earpieces in his home town and sold them. Not a Chinese fake, but a good brand microsi Finland (although they did have some Chinese parts). Word for word, and after a while I take my first capital and food to the guys in Petrozavodsk, purchase party goods and start a business in the city.

So normal communication Vkontakte resulted in business. Then I have been constantly building up contacts and relations and not going to stop. I always wonder what the man was doing, how he does it. Sometimes you can find a lot of interesting and useful for your business. And person understand his works much better.

4. Find other entrepreneurs.

Who lead the, from, and rack up. This rule is here with a Bang! Find your city business gatherings where there are young and successful guys. It doesn’t have to be big businessmen, just no. You are now not needed. But if you have the opportunity to socialize and don’t miss the event. If there are no such parties, well we’ll just have to go in the company/organization and to get an audience with the entrepreneurs. Here it will show your creativity and fantasy. The main thing to get to him and start a conversation. If it is not hired by the Director, namely the owner of the company and its Affairs he is willing to tell you how to succeed. Especially if you were genuinely asking and interested. After two or three dozen such meetings your head will swell from ideas and suggestions =) ideally to organize this party business. Ala business club. Start to communicate in social networks, to get them on a real acquaintance. Gradually invites more and more famous and famous businessmen in the city. Now almost everywhere there are such clubs, try to find them. You do not have to be an entrepreneur, to get there. All with something began, and who, as not the businessman to know this. So go on contact.

For those who are thinking about business, but no specifics has not I advise you to start to stew in the mess of business. How is it done? Very simple — find yourself in the club of entrepreneurs and make their way there. Do not think that there are going to only one business. Not at all. There is a very diverse crowd. I was in the Petersburg club, communicated remotely with members of several Moscow clubs, read newsletters of other clubs of entrepreneurs, so I know whereof I speak. We in the city also has several business parties, in particular business-club “the Leader”. where I went and where in addition to entrepreneurs and students and employees of various organizations and large business tycoons and officials of local authorities, up to the Ministers.

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