How to create a healthy business.

Rusatom Healthcare is an example of how on the basis of applied research, you can create the business unit. What will it sell, what will make, with whom and how to cooperate, solve any problems to achieve all the CEO of the company Denis Cherednichenko says in an interview with Catherine tripotent.

A little over a year since the publication of our big review of nuclear medicine. What has changed since then? In March 2016 the United innovative Corporation headed by Denis Cherednichenko.

To promote the products and services of the nuclear industry in the field of nuclear medicine Rosatom decided to create a new company, the brand which is consonant with the names of the global majors in this sector is Rusatom Healthcare.

The name speaks about the company’s plans: RHC is to promote radiation technology not only in Russia but also in the foreign market. Unlike other integrators, but the status of the company received the assets of nifkhi im. L. Y. Karpov, NIETTA, being the first to JSC “Institute of” V/O “Izotop” and JSC “Recreator”. How will it work out the interaction inside Rusatom Healthcare, as well as with other enterprises of the state Corporation? Itself the OIC in recent years remained the “thing in itself” and about the projects which she was engaged, I would like to know more.

In addition, the external environment has changed. The late 2015 — early 2016 at phoneskype high exchange rate and Western sanctions can be described as the Golden age of the import substitution policy. The promotion of Russian technology was a trend. At the beginning of 2017, the situation is different: there is talk about lifting the sanctions, the ruble strengthened. Rosatom attracts foreign technological partners for the development of new businesses such as wind energy and desalination. Did it all on the strategy of the state Corporation in nuclear medicine? Remains to be seen whether the Russian market is the priority? Were you able to remove purely Russian obstacles to the development of nuclear medicine? Here is a sample of the range of issues that we have addressed D. Cherednichenko.

From OIK — to Rusatom Healthcare What tasks were set before you at the start? First, it was necessary to determine which areas of new businesses developed in the OIC, the priority for the Corporation, where it is possible to apply the gained competence, which products can become strategic.

Were selected the following products: medical equipment, radiopharmaceuticals and radiation technology. For further development it is necessary to determine which elements of a product under the title “nuclear medicine” we can develop ourselves, some in partnership, and what we develop is not; how to work with organizational and corporate perspectives.

And on what to focus? We need to concentrate on the start of the line equipment for nuclear medicine, the creation of radionuclides, the transition from the sale of isotopes to the production of radiopharmaceuticals as medicines. All this we will be able to sell directly to medical institutions or to put the created with our participation in the nuclear medicine centres by providing them throughout their life cycle. If we go into the sphere of medical services, it is only as a technological partner.

But this was resolved a year ago … What have you brought? We brought the concept of Rusatom Healhcare is an independent company, which consolidates enterprises, oriented mainly on nuclear medicine, equipment manufacturing, isotopes, radiopharmaceuticals, — to practical implementation. Formed a new responsibility center.

To explore the interaction of a single integrator with those enterprises whose products nuclear medicine is concomitant to their main activities. In any case, Rusatom Healhcare will identify innovative projects in these areas can be supported and developed.

And what kind of projects? For example, we support the establishment of a line of production of radiopharmaceuticals in compliance with GMP at the site of nifkhi im. L. Y. Karpov in Obninsk.

We plan to bring production of 99Mo at the sites, Institute of physical chemistry and Niara in accordance with GMP standards. There are promising radiopharmaceuticals based on 177Lu, 90Y, 133Xe. These areas we are now actively raising, renewable energy that had previously been deferred or relegated to the background.

Xenon is the Institute of physical chemistry. Lutecium — cooperation of multiple sites: one is the raw isotope precursor, on the other — also in the Institute of physical chemistry — the final radiopharmaceutical. That is a platform of the Institute of physical chemistry will be included in the cluster to create a radiopharmaceutical, the finished product.

And mortar reactor in Sarov is a priority? Yes. This is a separate project to create a new production. The most important thing at this stage is to focus on the technology, to understand what will be the final product, do a pilot installation. According to my information, it will appear next year.

How much investment will require these priority projects? The investment program consists of several elements. We already know what we get in 2017 investment in the amount of 12 million rubles for the molybdenum and to bring to GMP standards line for the production of technetium. The Lu investment programme yet to approve, it is estimated at 100 million rubles.

For several years you do not plan investments? We currently collect information from all enterprises, conduct analysis, technical audit and so on. Therefore, to announce the exact amount it is hard for me. Projects lutetium and xenon we bring to the development Board.

What other projects did you work on the OIC? For example, “eagle” and “slag”? “Berkut” is now in a separate project company. They engaged the other team. And “slag” is a project that has been developing in the OIC. Now the decision on how to allocate it in a separate project company or not.

The OIC was the number of projects that she brought to logical completion of the investment as startups, accelerator, incubator. We need to move away from this activity, go to business lines. This is the same “ash and slag”, as well as projects on environmental issues, such as, for example, the construction of waste treatment plants.

The waste management is a very hot topic… Very relevant, but to embrace the impossible. The state Corporation has its own priorities, a list of 19 strategic products. While waste management is not there.

Back to the projects. Were still small projects related to nuclear medicine and centres of radiation, — they, too, we have a separate project company.

For example, “Sterion”, which is implemented on the site of FSUE “NIIP”. For this project we have found a partner who has invested much more than we (200 million rubles, as against 73 million) and has secured court orders. Now we are discussing where to arrange the second pad. We also consider the question of how to increase the performance of the first site, because the needs of sterilization of medical products was much higher than our capabilities.

Why, in your estimation, project “shot”? One of the success factors is the location of this center from the point of view of logistics. Oddly enough, the site in Lytkarino proved to be extremely popular, because medical device manufacturers it is very conveniently located — on the way to the consumer.

In General for the centers of radiation of the logistics component is extremely important. And investing in their creation, we need to understand who your customer is, where it is, where and what it carries, what it is important. And even some of the drivers he hires. Here is an example. The object we are sensitive and we need to issue passes: it is important who and how calls in our territory. And our contractors are often brought in as drivers of citizens abroad.

And such insignificant factor, being unrecorded, would call into question the arrival of cars to the territory. So the moments, at first glance, completely unrelated to trade, can be key to the business. After all, if an object is loaded 24 hours seven days a week and the maximum capacity ensures lowest cost, it is vital to provide a stable entrance, the prompt unloading and so on. We have conducted serious work on the bugs, and our findings will be reflected in the model solution. How it is a profitable business for you? Let’s just say, with the full load, the payback period even at the same site is 2.5 years.

And internal rate of return is what? More than 60%. The same project on different platforms may give different values. Our objective is to replicate similar projects.

Share your plans for the proceeds. Consolidated revenues for 2017 for all businesses, including isotope complex, planned in the amount of more than 8 billion rubles.

The foreign market Is already a success in the international arena? We recently defended a profitable project is 200 million rubles, involving the creation of a network of centers of gamma-irradiation of agricultural products in India. We have Indian partner — Hindustan Agro, he reached an agreement in principle.

Hindustan Agro will be the main investor and operator, responsible for the work of the centres, the attraction of contracts, customers and so on — all that is needed for maximum load. The money allocated in certain proportions. And income will share, respectively. It is crucial that we are also suppliers of the decision. We’re not investors, we invest in creating our new product.

That’s what we did: creation of product turnkey, large-scale center for irradiation on the basis of sources of cobalt in India, in the perspective region. On the one hand, this allows to irradiate agricultural products at a reasonable price, with another — constantly load our capacity for the production of cobalt, which we will deliver and pick up for recycling throughout the life cycle. This capacity utilization “of the Lighthouse.

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