How to promote your website or business on Facebook

Hello, dear blog readers In the article about the promotion of commercial websites I have listed all the basic methods that are available to the owners of the online business.

There was mention SEO promotion. contextual advertising (in particular Yandex Direct and Google AdWords ), and it was mentioned about the website promotion in social networks (SMM and SMO). The latter method is increasingly gaining popularity.

The audience of social networks is huge and not try to use it for their benefit would be a mistake. Why? Because when you work with social networks, you get direct contact (actually trust) with your target audience (without additives), which greatly increases the likelihood that they will become your customers. Another thing is that to implement all this in practice is not always easy.

Today’s article I want to start a series of publications on the topic of promoting your business (commercial site) SMM and SMO. We begin to start with social network Facebook. which, though inferior to VK on the size of the Russian-speaking audience, but it is superior in quality. We will talk about creating business pages in Facebook . about attracting audience,about advertising, content and more.

What you can promote on Facebook.

Let’s first talk a little bit about how and why Facebook. In the Runet’s monthly audience of this social sphere is about twenty, thirty million users per month. It is approximately two times smaller than the audience of Vkontakte, but the figure itself is huge. In this age the vast majority of users of the social network (more than three-fourths) fit into the framework from eighteen to forty-five years (the average on the Internet would be about thirty years.

And it is very active audience with money (managers, entrepreneurs, etc. people who are willing to discuss business issues and not pontovatsya, and to assert themselves). Registration on Facebook is only allowed from the age of 13 and while there is no such popular in Facebook the type of content, like free movies and music (referring to the ban on the uploading of such content in the social network), who likes hopeless for business in the schoolyard.

The content of this social network in Runet about equally represented entertainment and cognitive (intellectual) information. In view of the foregoing, it turns out that the average creditworthiness of the user of Facebook is higher than in other popular social networks of the Runet (Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki etc.). Well, besides the functionality of this social network is very high and it can be used to solve many different problems (as a replacement for a website or blog, as the online store, geolocation in mobile apps, etc.

In principle, many subjects of the business (online or offline) you can promote on Facebook.

For example, a business page, as in my case, can serve as a calling card of some of the site (commercial and informational). There can be published the announcements of new materials from this resource, announcements of articles on the same topic on other sites and simply interesting information on the topic. This creates a community, part of which will regularly visit your site, intrigued by another new publication, announced on the business page of Facebook.

Also, social networks can be very interesting and useful speakers . selling some courses and conducting seminars, coaching or training (the same principle be of interest to spread the information, and then to push them to buying their courses or trainings.

Usually created thematic pages which offer specific products or services, and offering to read on the subject (as the content of any educational information on this topic). It creates a great attractiveness and increases the user engagement.

Users in this community are involved with the targeted advertising Facebook ads promoted in other communities, and are held by interesting content. Over time, there is loyalty to the author page and you can sell what you wanted. Also the main asset of the speakers are members, and gather them in the social network is no worse than on your website. In Facebook you can create tabs and applications (subsections within the business page), where to place a subscription form for receiving, for example, a part of a workshop or seminar for free.

The next obvious example is online shopping . which can significantly expand the audience of your buyers by creating communities in social networks. They are moving mainly due to targeted advertising in the Facebook (for example, attract customers with discounts, promotions and similar things). With ads, the visitor gets not on the business page, and on the target tab, from where he would study the proposal (and leaving the like), can go directly to your store for purchase.

The content of this branch of the online store in a social network may contain informative or entertaining information on the subject, and can also be presented the latest novelties from your assortment with a link to the store page. Important to maintain an acceptable balance and interest of the target audience. For the greater involvement hold contests, polls, etc. things.

And it is not required can be large online shops. To sell your business page on Facebook can be something that you made with your own hands. These things are very popular in burzhunete to us on the sly comes. Orders are made on the spot , for example, through correspondence with the author.

A lot of campaigns, providing services . can have their successful BS on Facebook. By attracting visitors through advertising and retain them through interesting content can significantly expand their customer base.

Naturally, the more pop will be the subjects of your services, the more you get benefits from social networks. Well business is using social theme of tourism, leisure, photography, legal services, cosmetics, design, sports, freelancing, real estate, hotels, etc.

What is the difference between each other profiles, business pages and groups in Facebook and what to choose for promotion.

The social network Facebook striving to identify and delete multiple accounts (fake ). In General they get it, and the majority of users on this network have only one profile. At the same time under one profile may be created a lot of business pages. So if you have ACC in the social sphere is already there, then create BS (business page) would not be a problem.

The theme of your BS in the future Facebook can be any if only it were not forbidden by the law (of your country) or were not copyrighted (you can’t create a official page of EPL, but can create a page of fans of Apple products.

Another feature of management BS in Facebook is that the Creator (by default it is the administrator with maximum rights) can create another administrator (they can be, for example, the customer for which you this page create and maintain). Right he is exactly the same as you (the author.

Now let’s see what the difference between a personal profile from business page on Facebook? At first glance, visually they look the same (one and the same.

In both cases, the top can be cover and avatar. But in the personal profile under your cover photo there are buttons to Add friends (this operation can be done only with a man) and Subscribe (more precisely, they are located somewhere in the region of the cover, because the design of Facebook is changing every six months, and someone earlier, and someone later moves to a new version). In my current incarnation of the interface, these buttons are located here.

The business pages have a Like button (clicking on it is called a like page from the English name of this button.

Simply put, if you see the Like button , it is a business page, and if you Add in friends , STE profile of the brow . Also on BS somewhere at the top (depending on the current interface of Facebook) you will find a number of likes given to this page ( clicks on Like button ). This kind of puzomerka in this social network, which can serve as an analogy to the Particles, etc. when working with sites.

Very important is the fact that for business you cannot use your profile in Facebook. If you register in this social network and tell them the account name and the name of the organization, site, or online store such profiles are calculated very quickly and removed (or it is proposed to bring into line with the rules). Facebook is primarily a network for communication between people, and then the platform to promote their business (flies separately, cutlets separately.

So, to summarize the differences between BS (business page) and profile.

The profile is for personal information and cell information about your business and what it is correlated.

The number of friends one Facebook profile is limited to five thousand (though the number of subscribers to the news profile is not limited to important for individuals who are celebrities). The number of fans your BS (those who pressed the Like button ) is not limited.

A business page on Facebook fully indexed by search engines (its name, description, and, in fact, published.

From the previous paragraph implies that BS is available to all Internet users, including those who were not registered and not logged in (like search engine robots.

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