How to start your own business without investment of money 7 proven business ideas

Is it possible without investment to start your business and how to do it? What profitable business to make your investments amounted to a maximum of 3,000 rubles.

Hello, dear friends! You Alexander Berezhnov, entrepreneur and one of the authors of the business journal.

Today we will speak on the subject of opening their own business without investment from scratch. In this article I will reveal in detail the topic and will give answers to the most common questions from newbies. All the information you will learn is based on my practical experience or the experience of my friends-entrepreneurs.

So, dear readers, read this article to the end and boldly implement your favorite ideas, approaches, and ideas.

1. Why it is profitable to open a business without investment.

Dear reader, as you may have guessed, the main benefit is saving on investment and hence much lower risk.

For example, if you open a restaurant, it is likely you will need several million rubles.

Imagine how much time you need to first get your money back, and only then can you speak about any earnings.

In most cases, such projects pay off more than a year (often 2-3 years, not before.

According to the statistics 95% of all newly discovered biznesobuchenie not having existed and year.

So, dear friend, if you have no experience in the business, give you advice never to invest in the business all the money, including that intended for urgent needs. Moreover, do not take a loan to start a business (again, if you have no experience.

Not once saw my friends lost money, and he got into unpleasant situations due to the fact that he overreached.

Ask yourself what would happen if my business “.

At least you will lose a lot of money. But if you took a loan… Just a nightmare.

Therefore, begin a business so that your investment was minimal or even equal to zero.

In General, starting any business no matter with the investment of money or not, begins with asking yourself a question.

“I have something that I can give people and they will pay me the money.

For example, you know how to write articles, play a musical instrument or have any talent as a teacher.

Then make it your business based on what you’re good at.

Consider a practical example.

The same man who well knows how to play the guitar can earn money in several ways.

Method 1. To get in on the street (in the underground) and the transition play, collecting money from passers-by (scavenging). This method will be acceptable for some, for others humiliating. However, it is the most simple and obvious. So far he has not outlived its usefulness, because in every major city there will always be those musicians.

Method 2. To play guitar in the band performers. This method is suitable for people who dream of which to speak in a group (to create a musical group). The advantages of this method is that once you can become rich and famous. However, it is not without flaws for most people it is quite a long and difficult way.

Method 3. To teach people how to play the guitar, replicating your talent. This is just what you need if you know how to do something well.

Developing a guitar theme.

If several years ago you could just give private lessons on the instrument and charge for them pay as you go, for example, 300 rubles per hour, but now everything has changed.

Thanks to the Internet you can sell your knowledge to an unlimited number of times, creating your information product. That is, replicate your product and get the money many times over once the done work.

This product can be ebook or video tutorials (the video tutorials.

Yes, friends, this is a business, not just tutoring.

So you can open a business without investment, and most importantly, the first profit you can get literally the next day.

Nowadays more and more people like to earn tens of thousands of rubles per month.

You’re thinking of. After all, their talents can be monetized * different.

Monetization is the process of turning any activity into money (from the word coin or extract value.

In the case of ability to play guitar different ways to generate income from their talents, which I described above.

2. Where to start starting a business 5 practical recommendations for beginners.

This is a truly actionable advice, he followed them when starting a new project.

1. Stay focused and start to “think” in writing.

Stay in complete silence for several hours, taking a sheet of paper and a pen.

Write your competitive advantages: what you have experience, knowledge, and skills. It’s just the fact that you can give people, and for this they will pay you.

Write everything in detail, with examples and successes that you have achieved through your strengths.

You know how to cook or are a professional versed in computers and so on. Your list should contain at least 20 points.

This is the first and most important step that needs to be done. Because it will determine the future strategy of your actions and financial success in business.

2. Think, what of the above you have is the soul.

Be aware that it is impossible to achieve success in unloved business. Match your talents with what you really enjoy doing.

Because it so happens that the man loves to sing, but he does not have this ability. Happens and on the contrary you have a talent for drawing, and you do not want to do.

Before you can open your business also consider what kind of activities you have the greatest amount of resources.

If you decided to do computer repair and software installation, facilities, equipment, and your friends who need this service – your precious resource.

Let your investment in the business is that you already have, because then you will not need to buy “tools” for doing business.

3. Make a business plan before you open your business.

This is a necessary condition.

The business plan describe in detail the activities through which you will make a profit, that is your proposal for the customer’s goods (services.

Here, write your marketing strategy and financial performance.

In the preparation of a business plan make a special emphasis on ways of attracting customers, the approximate targets for revenue, profits and expenses for the organization of the business.

How to write a business plan I described in a long article on this topic.

If you take time to write a business plan for a few days, I assure you, it will save you time and money, and in addition, having such a right approach, your business will be much faster.

4. Start with the sales of your products (services.

Opening up your case, you do not have a significant amount of money on advertising.

Let all your friends, acquaintances and relatives about what you do as a business: sell such products or provide services.

Let your surroundings become your first customers. They already know you and therefore trust.

Create trust in yourself and you will be able to sell anything.

For example, my good friend Vitaly, about three years ago we successfully started to create the sites and our first customers were our friends-entrepreneurs.

Seeing that we approach to his work with the soul, they began to recommend us to their friends. So we opened a small business without investment and completely on their own.

Our main resource for a successful start was the available skills, a quick learner and love to educate themselves.

In the beginning, when we started creating sites and took the order we didn’t even know how to do it, that is, along the way, he learned how to create websites.

In the future, after successful implementation of a number of projects, our high-quality work “sell” us on her own. We have an effect of “word of mouth” when we’re not looking for clients, and they searched us.

5. Attract to your project partner.

If possible, find a sensible friend with experience of doing business and positive results. Ask him to be your partner or at least a consultant to the coordinator of your actions.

Many novice entrepreneurs think it’s too bad, since the earnings will be divided into two. But it is misleading.

Practice shows that the two of us (three of us) it will go much faster, and if you correctly allocate the functions in your team, in the long term will earn much more than alone.

The main thing is not to quarrel and to clearly define who is responsible for what and what reward will receive for your contribution to the project.

3. Why an aspiring entrepreneur, it is better to open a business in the service sector.

Speaking about the business without start-up capital means rather the provision of services, since the purchase of the product and its resale need relatively large sums of money. Of course, you can take the goods “on consignment”, but this method of sales during the launch is not suitable for everyone. We will not here consider it.

Let’s compare classic business with lease of premises and purchase of goods with the business to provide services.

This example clearly shows why it is PROFITABLE to open a business with no investment (start-up capital.

We all know that business is on the one hand a great opportunity, and on the other big risks but if these risks are properly minimized, then we get only the second item – a great opportunity.

Below I present a comparative analysis of two business projects on the basic parameters . which characterise small businesses.

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