How to start a business from scratch? Start-up capital.

Many people work on their body and become stronger. Many people increase wealth and get richer. Someone is working on family relationships and improves family life. But few who work on yourself, to make yourself happier, kinder, more confident, more successful or stronger. Each element of the work is important, but more important internal work on yourself. Good work on your inner state, you will become more attractive again for everything and for happiness, for success and for other people. Learn to work on yourself and correct everything that you don’t nravitsa of yourself. How to do it, you know, watching useful video: “Personal growth. How to start personal development? Work on yourself. How to improve? How to change?”. Read the book “the trap of negative programs” Personal consultation “working with attitudes and beliefs”: Vkontakte: Instagram.

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Business ideas without investment

In the financial crisis, when the number of jobs is declining, but the consumer area and services are in demand, ideas to start their own business without large investments or even a business with a complete zero occupy the minds of ordinary citizens.

The desire to find opportunities to make extra money is an important reason for the search activities without the investment. The benefits of such businesses can be considered as the minimum amount of risk, and if the person believes that he is strong in some area, it will serve as an additional guarantee luck new beginnings.

Business with full scratch do it.

No, this business does not happen. In any case, you will have to invest.

If there is no formation time.

And, in any case, a lot of enthusiasm.

There is a view that all proposed ideas for newbies is not a business, and handicraft. But it’s at zero there is no start. If there are no funds for wage earners, Continue reading

How to become an entrepreneur 10 tips for beginners

Today’s note is useful primarily to those who only want or think to start a business, but do not know from what side to start. I often write or call people “Mishan, want to start a business of their own, but damn, tell me what’s where.

Guys, You still probably to begin earlier, if such questions are asked. Something from the category of “I Want a lot of money” or “I Want to be happy”. Ie no specifics. Of course, I ask questions already with regards to a particular business, or direction of the business and then I usually go and help with advice if you need it. But as a rule at the initial stage are eliminated these people because I want to talk for the sake of conversation, what — don’t know =). And meet too seldom, because everything usually ends earlier on a phone call. Two or three counter-question from me and one goes to think.

But the fact that people are increasingly asking these questions is a big plus. So the interest is there and this is important. So I decided to write this note. This article is not a magic pill and not step by step instructions, and the story of how I and many of my friends become entrepreneurs and what exactly do you need? Go. Continue reading

Network marketing as a form of business organization
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Features patterns of development and life cycle of a commercial organization.
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