Legal business

The question how to open a law firm set usually lawyers who are tired of working for hire. Although in order to open a firm, it is not necessary to be a lawyer. This activity is not licensed and register a firm can anyone. With the exception of protection services in the criminal process – this requires the status of a lawyer.

For the stable operation of the law firm managing needs to be first and foremost a successful businessman and a lawyer may not be. The Manager must be able to attract customers and select qualified staff of lawyers.

Organizations engaged in providing legal services have the right to use simplified tax system (STS). Let me remind you, under this system of taxation may be two rates.

6 %, if the object of taxation is income.

– 15% if object of taxation are the incomes reduced by size of expenses.

Most law firms in our country specializiruetsya on the provision of services for registration, re-registration and liquidation of legal entities the reason is not only because it is one of the most popular services, but also low thresholds for market entry.  Continue reading

“Sharks of business” – Business ideas under the gun.

TV show “business Sharks” showed that the well-known entrepreneurs are ready to find a grain of truth even in the most disastrous business idea. In Ukraine opened the third season with the investors ‘ money. On Thursdays the evening air of the ICTV channel aired “Shark business”. Recall, the main protagonists of educational programmes — five well-known Ukrainian businessmen (see the Fighter plankton), which evaluate projects of beginning businessmen, wishing to receive money to implement their business ideas. Of thousands of profiles of applicants wishing to go on the hunt for investment was selected 53 candidates. Only fourteen of them managed to get funding. In addition, four applicants have been offered a job, given three free credit and several promised financial support after further examination of the proposed projects.

The progress is obvious: last season of the 52 participants, only 11 shows have convinced the sharks to invest in proposed projects. It seems that the current applicants have taken into account the mistakes of their predecessors and increased the effectiveness of presentations. For example, this time no applicant asked for a share in the business over 30%. Last season the demand of authors of business ideas have upset a few transactions. Adept and business sharks. Continue reading

Small business and taxes.
1. The essence and criteria for determining small businesses. The advantages and disadvantages of small business. Many international authorities assert that the future of many economies for small businesses [1,…

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Profitable business manufacturing and pizza delivery.
The business associated with the production and delivery of pizza and other food (salads, soups, drinks, etc.), differs enviable profitability (some experts estimate it at 50-60%). However, this is a…

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Network marketing as a form of business organization
Recently in our country disappeared kilometer queue was a prerequisite for the acquisition of anything. Buyers have gone hunting for food to eat. Became lazier and calmer. In trade, new…

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