Network marketing.

Network marketing . also MLM (multi-level marketing) is a technology hilling suckers. the application of which discharge the Spud themselves. and the organizer, selling your crap wholesale without paying for the retail segment, gets the loot and gleefully rubbing his paws. Network marketing is actually based on the exploitation of social instincts in the selfish interests of the organizer.
Purchased above the minimum set of goods/services is valid for a limited amount of time (e.g., month). After a test period, you must purchase a minimum set of goods/services, regardless of whether sold/used the previous.
Lately whether people become smarter, or the need for increasing the number of suckers increased, but some organizations are starting to hide their ugly face, actively use various tricks, silence, do not call a spade a spade.

Historical background.

The people network marketing has received the status of probiznes. The system uses these weaknesses of cattle, how the passion halawai desire to earn money without doing anything. Less (undercover) technology is called personal growth training or psychological training. Smart books. devoted to the study of totalitarian sects, this beautiful definition for MLM commercial cult. Network marketing also has prophets, commandments, meetings, and chants.

The technique was invented by the founder of financial pyramid schemes of Charles Ponzi and was called “a Ponzi Scheme “, and is used, in particular, ofen (aka peddlers). It is also possible that this was the reverse of borrowing. So, in the middle ages sold indulgences, that is to say liberation from temporal punishment for sins. A monopoly Issuer was dad (sinless by definition). The fact is that, when indulgences for most tomatoes, but with a good lawyer, with support from FAS, you can try to prove that you, too, dad. Well, or at least also have the right to forgive sins. In a simplified version of this scheme really worked in recruitment and was called the trade post.

In addition, there was a rule of the drug dealer: you consume two times more he than sold to others, and tell you how cool it is, for example, to eat dietary Supplements or cooking in pans “Zepter “. In short, currently recruiting new distributors. CIS in early 90s experienced unemployment. That is why network marketing has become popular among the population. In the memory of the humanoids of the former USSR, the greatest impression left by Herbalife.

How to sell.

Serious divorce for a classic goof. Be careful at the sight of such papers.

The basic idea and method to build a network of clients who not only consume a certain amount of product themselves, but sell it on with some fat (fat is usually in the form of “selling at a certain amount, are eligible for the nuclear procurement discounts”, and sometimes there are some direct rebates, i.e. discounts provided after purchase, for example, in the form of a coupon on your next purchase or even a cash back of a certain percentage). The organization provides some advertising support (sometimes straight, sometimes not), but the process of riveting Mosca next sucker falls entirely on private shoulders.

To meet CDA participants (and thereby sales), they are typically given some nice-sounding title — “consultant”, “supervisor”, “captain”, “leader”, “partner”. In the internal advertising (for participants, not for the General public) are widely used glamorous-fascinating characters such as proportioning machines, gold laptops, phones from Dima Bilan and other shiny and sparkling things. which, in the opinion of the cattle (which is a potential sucker), and are an integral part of the financial and business success.

In sajewich organizations new generations adopting new methods of hilling suckers work with the staff: they are taught that they don’t work for any position in the company, but rather develop their business. Fuckers very proud of this substitution of concepts, the more it resonates with the teachings of rich dad (see Robert Kiyosaki ), they quoted everywhere. Also patients completely reject his communion with the subject, while claiming that they cooperate with manufacturing and trading company. It should also be noted turbidity taken at the same Kiyosaki the main goal of life, achieving so-called “financial freedom”. This refers to the presence of the bubble, although, as will be disclosed hereinafter, salvage cuts only a small group of founders, the rest have, at best, zero profit at the end of the activity.

Also actively used the methods of mass destruction of consciousness. The most beloved and widely — varied assemblies (sabbaths, pumping, business seminars, etc.). Because of inherent and not become a people monkeys herd instinct, the treatment group is more effective than individual, mass ecstasy, and the feeling elbows in your belly easily and effortlessly breaks any logical resistance. Moreover, it is very easy to “inject” into the crowd of their already tame, squirrels, which will put pressure on the psyche of individual people out of the crowd, creating so beloved by the network marketers “the effect of the avalanche.

I wonder if in the minds of zombie begins to stir a suspicion that he’s actually not in heaven, and runs with a bunch of the same idiots around the pyramid where his head shit someone unattainable to him with a smile, I can say that the structure of the organization is not a pyramid, and the tree: the root and the trunk are the richest, and from them branches stretch up to the Golden sun, newpage. All charges are dropped.

By the way, this bolvansky sects love to use diminutive words and terms like “sun”, “obidki”, “money” and other slag. In addition, different gurus quote a very immoderate praise in his address and also full self-abasement of the followers. The fact that diminutive buzzwords and self-abasement programmed suckers on children’s behavior — the naivety, gullibility and uncritical perception, and infantile suckers are easier to manage.

So, as soon as you hear the arguments in the style of “our great chief takes care of our welfare and shines like the good sun” and “only then I realized that I was an insignificant worm, and now I’m enlightened”, then bring down with such party immediately.

Favorite arguments of the preachers and the faithful sectarians-networkers.

Network of business does not require start-up capital.

I myself use the product and save on the discount.

Our product is cheaper because the Company does not spend money on advertising and without the retail margins.

Our product is more expensive, but the quality is much higher.

Yes, it’s expensive, but I invest money in your health (alternatives: leisure, education, future, life). Do not skimp on yourself.

You decide yourself whether you want to create additional income through retail sales or build your main business — YOU control your destiny.

Enough to work for his uncle.

What to sell.

For any network the company’s “product” is the basis of its legal existence. On the other hand, the network companies need to sell their “product” at a price much higher than similar products are sold on the open market. How to achieve this? To do this, use three steps.

Care on the open market. Avoiding the competition with similar products from other manufacturers. That is, the production network of the company is impossible to buy in stores. It spreads only from person to person. As drugs. Accordingly, no one conducts studies of the comparative characteristics of the product with a similar available on the open market.

The attribution of the “product” of unique properties, not found in any other products distributed at the market.

Subsidized “product” with the properties above are really sold on the open market price of analogs, but which cannot be bought separately from the rest of the “comprehensive package of proposals”, of course, a paid one.

This methodology is subject to a variety of things, but the mass market are the so-called “health products and beauty” (actually, often having the opposite effect). Cosmetics, slimming products and other shit, first, can easily be declared with some exclusive all-conquering properties, and, secondly, easily written into a glamorous show-off. that is, the main property extends not just some utility, and (artificial and questionable) exclusivity, “I’m not like everyone else.

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