Network marketing for keen.

If you consider network marketing from a business perspective, then. absolutely. obviously, leading it function is MARKETING, that is, first and foremost, the promotion of products (or services) on the market.

An invaluable aid distributors in promoting the products can have a themed newsletter 103 youth formula posted on the website . 30, came out March 22nd release date. dedicated to research issues of aging mitochondrial mutations. Mutations in the mitochondria one of the 7 causes of aging, marked by the famous English scientist, biologist Aubrey de grey in his book ending aging.

Disturbances in the mitochondrial DNA (the mitochondria are important components of all our cells) often leads to a reduction of the energy potential of the cell and organism as a whole. A huge role in energy production, with the participation of mitochondria belongs to coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) . With age, whether we like it or not, the production of coenzyme Q10 by the body decreases significantly. And this is one of the reasons for the loss of physical activity by older people.

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To successfully promote a product, it is necessary to know it well. Newsletter 103 youth formula is a great source of information for distributors in this matter.

Recently met one of his old friend in the subway. Long time no see. Ask what they do.

– Working as before in the budget of the organization. I’m into networking business.

I was curious and I asked her to tell me about it in detail. It turns out that my friend collects the orders from their friends and once in a quarter (six months) 150 $ 200 buys at the company’s warehouse for their products.

How long have you been, I ask.

– For more than five years, she says.

– Business-where – I ask.

-You know, I like it. I get a discount on the stock when you buy products and there you get points and I may be soon to be a Manager, then discount will be more.

Wow, I thought! To buy the products at wholesale price, five years to reach the rank of Manager, increasing its discount to 10%. Yes, all THIS is called business.

“Business is the most active form of human economic activity, which puts its goals making a profit and developing their own business. “. And profit in MLM is first and foremost a profit from the network. And that network was growing up fast, it needs to be very efficient people.

So in network marketing. as in any other business, personal qualities play a significant role.

How to recognize in the new man the LEADER? In this respect there is a wonderful book Tom Schreiter LEADERS , in which the author indicates the criteria of leadership. And also gives an interesting test of leadership. Read it necessarily.

Continuing the theme of the previous post, why others consider us thieves and swindlers, and not in a hurry to start your business in MLM, I want to share with you, dear readers, a few thoughts.

A negative attitude towards network marketing there is a very long time. Alas, to this day in the column of some Newspapers Search job can be read: Sex and MLM do not offer! . All of this suggests that entrepreneurship in Russia is still relatively young. On the incompleteness of the formation of civilized business in Russia in General and network marketing in particular.

Negative feedback about network marketing is about the most dashing 90. When network marketing has literally rushed on the Russian market. When all activities related to the ordering and delivery of products of engaged individuals, usually leaders leadership structures. The first network business in Russia was on the knees . Not been clearly spelled out rules and procedures of the host (network company), was far away, usually somewhere beyond America, some of the organizers of the network business, guided by the principle that I want, I do beneficial to myself painted the volume distribution of the structure, then to obtain the maximum profit from the company in the form of a bonus. With this entrepreneur, I, unfortunately, had to personally face at the dawn of network marketing in Russia.

It was then, according to A. Sinamati . was the disengagement of all who had network marketing attitude into two parts. The first was made up of people who are vaccinated forever against online marketing and are willing to spread (unfortunately, continues to spread and now) his negative attitude. The second part was made up of people who have achieved initial success. These people continued (and continue) to develop the network marketing in our country and abroad.

Well what can I say. In any business (not only business) there are scoundrels and crooks. However, as honest, decent people. And at that period, the newly born network business, is the most that neither is a fertile breeding ground for such thieves and fraudsters. Someone initially lucky with a sponsor and some do not. This kind of business, no formed rules and procedures, when there is no standard situations, the economic literature also called intuitive business . Doing business here is based mainly on personal qualities and experience of the entrepreneur. Procedural (rational). accordingly, the business, which is based on uniform rules and procedures more typical of developed countries, with great experience in business. Modern Russian business is now in the stage of formation of procedural business. Fortunately, the era of chaos and confusion is long gone. However, its negative echoes that prevents build business and to attract new people, still. And the more certainty, the more procedural nature, in network marketing, the higher will be its image.

The second negative point that has spawned and continues to spawn a negative attitude towards network marketing, it is a myth that network marketing is a business for all that there is almost nothing to do: the product itself is sold here and anyone can succeed! It should be stressed that according to statistics, every year, thousands of people want to start their own business. In any kind of business not only in the network. Achieve true success is only 30.

Yes, network marketing can be done.

Here you can consume the products at a discount, the money saved is also money.

Here you can create your retail customer base and earn income by servicing regular customers.

– Create a network of regular customers and teach it to others.

– Finally, you can become the top leader of the Company – the head of a large wholesale and retail network and to income, are comparable and even much higher than the income of top-managers of famous companies.

Thus, it is important to emphasize that the successful entrepreneur (the top leader, top Manager) is a set of certain personal qualities and competencies. NetWorker is as much a profession as any other, success comes to those who has a certain set of personal characteristics, knowledge, and skills. . As in any other business, MLM needs a lot of work and selflessly, in any case, at the initial stage of its formation, and building a business to support and develop it. Is every new person who promise an easy and dizzying success in MLM, purposefully and methodically to work, and if required by the business, 24 hours a day. Can each new person we invite to self-organization, discipline, be responsible, finally. Or at least, whether he is able to pass the initial training course in network marketing? I think not. In the words of top Manager of an MLM . Roman Sobolev, network marketing is not a business set, this is a business selection.

Perhaps some distributors will want to reproach me in the fact that in this approach, the harder it will be to attract new people. But the leaders will become more, and disappointments and negative feedback about MLM – less.

MLM future I see the following.

MLM is a business where there is a clear separation of the concepts of BUSINESS, SALES and CONSUMPTION at a DISCOUNT.

MLM is a business where legally regulated RULES and PROCEDURES for network Companies and distributors.

MLM is a business that is studied in colleges and Universities. Where students get hard (knowledge of Economics, marketing, management, accounting, etc.) and soft (motivational skills, ability to think outside the box, ability to work in a team, etc.) competence.

MLM is a business in which the profession of “NetWorker” – one of the most prestigious and sought after worldwide.

Hello, dear readers.

Was not originally planned to participate in the contest, but after reading a number of posts of participants, and in particular with the post Svetlana pustylnik Network marketing and the family budget and realized that I just can’t stay away. The topic covered it is why most the target the greatest opportunities in the history of mankind , I think is of concern to many networkers.

Indeed, why? Why my friend, a top Manager with a degree in Economics and raised to a new level a number of prominent Russian companies, being in crisis without work, rejected my offer? What are we doing wrong when we offer network marketing? How to make network marketing a more effective, attractive not only for beginners but also for people who ALREADY HAVE BUSINESS EXPERIENCE.

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