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Home business on the Internet

To build on the work I couldn’t, because was a student in full-time and earn a mover or promoter for a penny also didn’t want to.

About Drazdy I thought why not start working for yourself . I knew the computer was able to configure programs Internet and more.

And I decided to do it: place your ad in the newspaper with the text setting up the PC , waited for calls, and to my surprise, they went.

Very clearly remember my first client came after me by car, although he lived at the other end of the city. He needed a setup Windows to resolve a few problems with the Internet.

I solved these problems, and took with him about 500 rubles . It was my first earnings! I first had sold their services.

W a 1.5 hour 500 rubles . Nice! The more that I could negotiate with customers at a time when I have no lectures! In the day I had 2-3 calls and about 1 out to the client. I earned about 10-15 thousand rubles a month . working about 2 hours a day. Continue reading

Popular in our day to network marketing.

Definitely Yes, and here’s why. Freeware open any advertising newspaper with the heading “Work” or type in any search engine the phrase “to make money” “make money online”, “online business”, “MLM”, “Network marketing” and you will see hundreds of thousands of resources and announcements regarding network marketing (CM). Look at your circle of acquaintances, and you will easily find out that your neighbor is distributing health products. And your best friend is a consultant for network companies promoting cosmetic products. And your aunt bought an insurance policy offered by an MLM company. Or, for fun, ask any passerby, if he knows anything about network marketing (CM). And there is hardly a person who will tell you “No.

Now ask him if he knows what CM, and could he explain this to you. When I was doing this experiment, I have the impression that in front of me once done talking to Moo-Moo.

Paradox – on the one hand, all are aware of CM, on the other hand, few know what this phenomenon really is.

Let’s turn to history and facts.

Decided to take over the primary starting point of the era of CM 1934.In 1934 Carl Rehnborg founded the company “California Vitamins” and thanks to a new system of sales,

Continue reading

How to promote your website or business on Facebook

Hello, dear blog readers In the article about the promotion of commercial websites I have listed all the basic methods that are available to the owners of the online business.

There was mention SEO promotion. contextual advertising (in particular Yandex Direct and Google AdWords ), and it was mentioned about the website promotion in social networks (SMM and SMO). The latter method is increasingly gaining popularity.

The audience of social networks is huge and not try to use it for their benefit would be a mistake. Why? Because when you work with social networks, you get direct contact (actually trust) with your target audience (without additives), which greatly increases the likelihood that they will become your customers. Another thing is that to implement all this in practice is not always easy.

Today’s article I want to start a series of publications on the topic of promoting your business (commercial site) SMM and SMO. We begin to start with social network Facebook. which, though inferior to VK on the size of the Russian-speaking audience, but it is superior in quality. We will talk about creating business pages in Facebook . about attracting audience,about advertising, content and more. Continue reading

Business ideas – See how.

If you are looking for actual business ideas 2016 – this article is for you! We will tell you about the features of the economic situation in the sphere of small business today, let the most promising areas for doing business, and in the end will give some useful tips that will help you successfully achieve your goals in business.

The characteristics of the economy in 2016: the patient more alive than dead.

Before you start running your own business, and, in any field, you must have at least a General idea about what is happening in the economy as a whole. This will help to identify its most effective and to develop a strategy of their actions.

Crisis – the time is not to despair but to act.

Ask anyone what features are characteristic of our economy in the current time period. In the overwhelming number of cases, the answer you will hear: crisis, currency devaluation, rising prices, a sharp decline in income and other impartial reviews. Continue reading

Sphere of business.

Depending on what field the business is organized, and changing the final yield of the enterprise. You can select multiple areas of implementation of business projects: production, trade and services.

From the position of evaluating all of the risks involved, the most dangerous to open the case in the sphere of production. Because in order to get a good profit we need to invest in the idea and to create an effective enterprise, produce quality products and sell it to the buyer at a reasonable price. In the case when the released product is not much demand, the normal income from it will have to wait a long time.

In addition, the risks of losses are higher if manufactured food products and other perishable items (fresh flowers, cosmetics), because then the increase of loss from impairment of raw materials and finished products.

In addition, the manufacturer should be always “on the wave”, that is, to be aware of the slightest market trends: latest trends, consumer preferences, new raw materials and technologies, methods of advertising etc. Continue reading

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