Business without kapitalanlagen

Who Else Wants to Get access to the Complete Disposal 12 details of the Options Business Without Investment, Any Of Which will Fill Your Wallet In the Near future.

Three years ago a good friend of mine was in a difficult financial position.

Or in other words, the situation was such that he simply didn’t have the money. His income in that time so marginally exceeded his expenses that he urgently needed to find additional sources of income.

Moreover, the sooner the better.

To get a job he couldn’t, not because there was no work, but because it was contrary to his belief it happens.

After all, my buddy for the second decade was an entrepreneur and simply forgotten how to work for someone else but yourself.

Not to say that he was a bad businessman, but he made the mistake of investing a penny in another business project. But the money is still not enough and to start a new project I had to take a considerable loan from the Bank, and borrowing money from a companion. Continue reading

Profitable business manufacturing and pizza delivery.

The business associated with the production and delivery of pizza and other food (salads, soups, drinks, etc.), differs enviable profitability (some experts estimate it at 50-60%). However, this is a very capricious business, to keep it easy.

Consumption of pizza per capita in Russia lags behind Europe. However, the growth rate of consumption in Russia is higher than in neighboring countries. The average annual growth of consumption of pizza in Germany is 7%, France 1.7%, Italy — 3,6%, UK 1%, Poland — 3.8% and in Russia — 8.

More than half of all pizzas produced in Russia (including frozen), today eat. Thus, according to experts, the annual turnover of the Moscow market of food products has reached $70 million In Russia, the most popular sandwich pizza with traditional taste.

Andrew Zhubanov, CEO of consulting company AMIKO: Business of pizza delivery is considered a relatively new not only for Russia but also for Europe where it became widespread only in the mid-90s. Before that, he enjoyed incredible popularity only in America, where there are almost post-war years. Continue reading

How to start your own business without investment of money 7 proven business ideas

Is it possible without investment to start your business and how to do it? What profitable business to make your investments amounted to a maximum of 3,000 rubles.

Hello, dear friends! You Alexander Berezhnov, entrepreneur and one of the authors of the business journal.

Today we will speak on the subject of opening their own business without investment from scratch. In this article I will reveal in detail the topic and will give answers to the most common questions from newbies. All the information you will learn is based on my practical experience or the experience of my friends-entrepreneurs.

So, dear readers, read this article to the end and boldly implement your favorite ideas, approaches, and ideas.

1. Why it is profitable to open a business without investment.

Dear reader, as you may have guessed, the main benefit is saving on investment and hence much lower risk. Continue reading

Network marketing.

Network marketing . also MLM (multi-level marketing) is a technology hilling suckers. the application of which discharge the Spud themselves. and the organizer, selling your crap wholesale without paying for the retail segment, gets the loot and gleefully rubbing his paws. Network marketing is actually based on the exploitation of social instincts in the selfish interests of the organizer.
Purchased above the minimum set of goods/services is valid for a limited amount of time (e.g., month). After a test period, you must purchase a minimum set of goods/services, regardless of whether sold/used the previous.
Lately whether people become smarter, or the need for increasing the number of suckers increased, but some organizations are starting to hide their ugly face, actively use various tricks, silence, do not call a spade a spade.

Historical background.

The people network marketing has received the status of probiznes. The system uses these weaknesses of cattle, how the passion halawai desire to earn money without doing anything. Less (undercover) technology is called personal growth training or psychological training. Continue reading

Risk analysis of investment project.

This paper develops a methodology of strategic management of company value taking into account the risks of the projects. The authors used a new measure of risk, propose a methodology for their selection through several criteria and indicators.

Project risks: the traditional approach to analysis.

Project risk is a concept associated with the uncertainty of the outcome (effect) of the investment project.

Another interpretation of risk is: the possibility of unforeseen adverse events that could have a negative impact on the effect of the project.

List the types of investment project risks.

Market uncertainty sales volumes of product of the project.

Capital — the possibility of bad move the constructive phase of the project or the uncertainty of its results (in the General case. Continue reading

Network marketing.
Network marketing (or multilevel marketing ; eng. multilevel marketing . MLM) concept sales of goods and services based on creation of a network of independent distributors (sales agents), each of…

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Small business.
Small business is a significant and complex phenomenon of socio-economic life of the city of Moscow. It is present in virtually all sectors of the economy. In the activities of…

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Business ideas without investment
In the financial crisis, when the number of jobs is declining, but the consumer area and services are in demand, ideas to start their own business without large investments or…

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