The best social projects of Russia

The annual “Best social projects of Russia” was created in support of the policy of the Russian Government to strengthen social policy on the basis of partnership between the state, society and private business.

The social projects have become an effective way to the mutual understanding between business and government, business and society to facilitate the formation of a civilized socially-developed society in Russia.

Objectives Of The Program.

To collect and systematize practices of implementation of social projects in Russia.

To analyze the projects by the Expert Council in the field of social marketing.

Compile and disseminate a directory of the best social projects among business, government and nonprofit organizations.

Participant of the competitive selection could be the organization/the business/media of any form of ownership registered in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, carrying out activity in the field of social responsibility. Continue reading

Introduction to business planning

With constantly changing conditions in a market economy, economic agents very difficult to plan long-range ixi the course of events. But, refusal of planning is tantamount to rejection of the development of the enterprise, which will first lead to stagnation and ultimately to the destruction of the business.

On the other hand, the business development entails a continuous process of innovation, which requires additional investment. The investment can be obtained in two ways: at the expense of own means of the enterprise, which is a fairly costly and lengthy process, or at the expense of borrowed funds, which may be drawn in persuading financial institutions in the prospects and profitability of the project. In the latter case, to overestimate the role of the business project is quite difficult, as it zainteresowania least three main businesses: owners, creditors and managers.

In this paper, the author sought to present a generalized methodology for the development of the business project as a whole and its individual sections in particular. In the work on the Handbook used the actual and theoretical material, numerous domestic and foreign sources, as well as data of practical activities in the field of business planning. Continue reading

Business ideas

If you did not leave the desire to become a businessman, good news that an interesting new idea for a business and a little effort is all that is needed. But the fact of the matter is that the right thoughts are not always on time come to mind. If you don’t know where to start, here is a list of interesting business ideas for small business that do not require sophisticated computer knowledge. Read them, and they will definitely inspire you to step into this exciting entrepreneurial path.

Online shop.

You don’t need to be a major supermarket with a retailer to create an online store. No matter whether you are selling directly to buyers or to use direct delivery, for a start you only need to create an online store and have a good management system for online trading. Can realize your goods or products from suppliers in a particular niche. As new ideas for business, if you know how to do something with sokiryani can sell their handmade goods and have a good profit on your hobby. Continue reading

The concept of small business and their criteria.

Entrepreneurship and business is an independent, initiative activity of individuals, undertaken at your own risk and under the property responsibility and directed mainly to receive economic benefits in the form of profits.

Small business in Russia is slow and difficult, but growing up, gaining experience and gaining their place in the economic structure, becoming an organic part of it.

Small business growth in a difficult environment General economic development of Russia represents his inner potential.

What is called the small business? There’s no single definition. Usually it is associated with the volume of activity and number of employees. According to these criteria and distinguish between small, medium and large business. In different countries these criteria are different, but most often use the following division of companies.

• large – enterprise, with more than 500 employees.

• medium – from 100 to 500 people.

• small – up to 100 people. Continue reading

Small business ideas

After a fantastic success of the attraction “drunk” bar, the cost of opening that could beat just one good day of work, the market amusement amusements added another innovation — the attraction of “the expendables log.

The price of logs is comparable to the cost of the horizontal bar, and an average of 5 thousand rubles. Its maintenance does not need any cost. It is possible to carry in the car. It can be used in different territories. Fun from logs or slightly less. Yet the attraction is novelty – everyone has a chance to remove their portion “of cream.

The task of the party is simple and straightforward — hold the plank for 3 minutes. The log can hold only one hand. Like a drunken bar, the beam features a rotating crossbar that makes the process of retention is extremely challenging.

As a rule, after the first minute of the party weakens the grip and the beam begins to fall. According to statistics, only one participant out of 50 can last for more than 3 minutes. The entrepreneur always remains in profit. Continue reading

Legal business
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Sphere of business.
Depending on what field the business is organized, and changing the final yield of the enterprise. You can select multiple areas of implementation of business projects: production, trade and services.…

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The project approach in modern business iTeam
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