Restaurant business.

This book, dozens of authors. Everyone is very professional sional who devoted his life to the food industry. The owners of a tiny cafe and restaurant managers of networks, leaders of large holdings and the creators of small targeted projects – all of these people have invaluable experience from years of daily practical work in the industry. They tried a myriad of ideas and solutions for effective management of their business, and we chose the best and have now decided the hearth to pour them with our readers.Built on the principle of collection of useful tips, the book is a hundred no a trusted Advisor for all professionals who seek to develop their establishments interested in export of nom quality of services, and most importantly, understand that the restaurant is not a hobby, not entertainment, and not an attractive object of investment, but th complex, multifaceted and sometimes unpredictable business.

We regularly hear that the restaurant business is “a business of details”, “business at your fingertips”, “the theater based on the nuances.” A lot of them – small and big tricks that allows you to turn virtually any institution in a successful, thriving restaurant. And even more unfortunately, things that can kill a restaurant business. Oleg Nazarov, the author of superbestseller “How “spin” restaurant”,”How “spin” restaurant-2″, “How to ruin a restaurant” and “Best restaurant chips of peace” gathered in new book a truly unique experience three hundred of the most successful restaurateurs in the CIS.How not to scare off the client before his visit to the restaurant? Like the chef to make it clear to the guest that it is more important to him mother and father? How to make so that the guest ordered more and ate less? How to make a business lunch is really beneficial? Is it worth the waiter to learn anything they teach? To these and hundreds of other questions will provide answers the new book of Oleg Nazarov “333 tricks of the restaurant business”. Written in clear and understandable language, it covers all areas of restaurant life and reveal many restaurateurs eye on things, they seem to be seen, but. did not notice.

For the first time in Russia published a complete practical guide to marketing in the restaurant. The theory in the book at least served it clear and simple, and practical lessons based on real situations and are accompanied by detailed analysis. The publication will become an indispensable tool for every practitioner’s and also will be useful to all owners and managers who want to gain a clear understanding of what really is a modern restaurant marketing.

All difficulties and staff problems solved just need to understand the system; you can find the right employees if you know where to look and how to lure ; you can teach them to work as they should, we just have to approach this systematically and consistently. You can make them responsible and proactive, it is important only to determine which to use approaches to motivation. Book Elena Pobedonostseva built on the principle do it. It presents practical tools and specific recommendations on how to address problematic situations, more procedures, instructions, practical examples. Here you will find ready-made training and educational programs that are easy to use to work with your employees. This book will be required reading for managers of restaurants and business owners, who can not understand where the problems lie and why employees they do not stay; for those who are going to open your own restaurant; for HR managers and for all those interested in how to create a strong team and a stable business.
Put the Internet to work for your restaurant is required reading for restaurateurs, marketers, PR managers and social media professionals dedicated to the advancement of cafes and restaurants. It raised a lot of business cases that illustrate the limitless possibilities of the Internet, allowing you to promote the restaurant to attract new guests and increase the loyalty of regular visitors without major financial investments. Facebook, Vkontakte, Instagram, YouTube, TripAdvisor, coupon services, blogs and forums, contextual advertising, content marketing, mobile apps in this book you will find 1000 and 1 way to promote restaurants in the network. Talking about each of the tools of electronic marketing, the author provides vivid examples, based on the practice of the most famous Russian and foreign restaurants, restaurant chains and food delivery services.

The book of the known promoter Oleg Nazarov is not an expanded edition of the bestselling “How to “unleash” the restaurant”, but a completely new, multi-level approach to technology promotion of the restaurant. In recent years the domestic hospitality market has undergone numerous changes that have impacted on the methodology of “promotion”, and the views of the author. Analyzing them and traveled almost the entire restaurant Russia, Oleg Nazarov merged in the new book the most recent achievements in the field of promotion and advertising the most interesting PR-campaign the last time.

New book of Oleg Nazarov, “How to steal in the restaurant: 100 ways to cheat the owner” is definitely destined to become a “bomb” on the market of professional literature on the restaurant business. This is a real “encyclopedia of restaurant theft”, and its must read for every restaurant owner to know how it robs its own staff, despite all the modern methods of control and management. After all, today more than one third of Russian restaurants go bankrupt because of the theft! Written in a clear, imaginative and ironic, typical of Nazarovskoe language, the book reads as easily as look the films Quentin Tarantino. “I’m not afraid that this book will read someone from the restaurant staff, – says Oleg Nazarov. – I’m afraid I don’t read the ones for whom it was written, and restaurant owners. However, it is worse. Even then did not say they were not warned.

Restaurants fast-food format with each day becoming more popular. Now about 30% of all network institutions in the country is fast food restaurants, and they demonstrate a staggering rate of growth. This business attracts the newcomers in the restaurant business, and restaurateurs with the experience. But the experience of managing a restaurant does not guarantee success when creating fast food chains. The fast food industry operates by different rules and has its leaders. One of them is Alexey Gisak, who managed to build a network that within five years after the opening of the first point was to bring half a billion rubles a year. During all this time Alex has not spent a million rubles on advertising, but Wokker made one of the most successful companies in the field of fast food. Analyzing my own experience and that of other networks (such as Dodo Pizza. Shake Shack, InOut burger, Wai Me! etc.), in the book How to make money on fast food. Will make this quick! Alex talks about the peculiarities of work in this niche, about business processes, about the principles of menu development and pricing, about the pros and cons of working on the franchise, about the new trends in the fast food industry and, most importantly, how to avoid many mistakes and achieve success.

In his new book, Deer charyeva tells in detail about all the business processes associated with the provision of meals for participants and guests of the Winter Olympics the most prestigious sports competitions held in recent years in our country. It contains a large number of real cases, transforming the book in a practical guide for all professionals involved in the organization of public events. We are confident that this unique story will be interesting and useful as restaurateurs working in the field of mass catering, and to all entrepreneurs who would like to gain invaluable managerial experience.

The author of this book – President of the Bartenders Association of Russia Sergey Tsyro – examines the problem of theft in the restaurant from the point of view of his many years of experience in the hospitality industry. Early in his career he was “on the other side of the fence” and knows firsthand what damage can bring thieving staff of the restaurant owner. Based on many years of research, experimentation and development Sergey Tsyro created his “apivorous” training program, which he now successfully teaches restaurateurs. On the basis of the programme and prepared the present edition. This book consists of two parts. The first part examines the methods of theft that are applied to all the restaurant staff: from the waiter and the bartender to the chef and Manager. In the second part the author recounts how, step by step to build the restaurant an effective system to counter theft, which would eliminate the possibility of theft.

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