“Sharks of business” – Business ideas under the gun.

TV show “business Sharks” showed that the well-known entrepreneurs are ready to find a grain of truth even in the most disastrous business idea. In Ukraine opened the third season with the investors ‘ money. On Thursdays the evening air of the ICTV channel aired “Shark business”. Recall, the main protagonists of educational programmes — five well-known Ukrainian businessmen (see the Fighter plankton), which evaluate projects of beginning businessmen, wishing to receive money to implement their business ideas. Of thousands of profiles of applicants wishing to go on the hunt for investment was selected 53 candidates. Only fourteen of them managed to get funding. In addition, four applicants have been offered a job, given three free credit and several promised financial support after further examination of the proposed projects.

The progress is obvious: last season of the 52 participants, only 11 shows have convinced the sharks to invest in proposed projects. It seems that the current applicants have taken into account the mistakes of their predecessors and increased the effectiveness of presentations. For example, this time no applicant asked for a share in the business over 30%. Last season the demand of authors of business ideas have upset a few transactions. Adept and business sharks. Even in the most seemingly unreal offer they were trying to find a grain of truth, to find something, poleznoe to use for business development. Journalists Contracts (our publishing partner of the project) was present on the set and in real time watched as experienced businessmen assumed control of personnel, business ideas and assets. It turned out that almost any project can interest the investor. It is important to submit it to a potential partner saw clearly what could be the benefit.

In the new season of the program changed host, the new composition of investors, and the transfer has undergone a number of changes. Especially in a TV show, a new character — business expert, to facilitate the decision-making process regarding investment in a particular project. It takes the role of ex-shark Andrei zadorozhnyi. The task of the expert — practical advice to help the author of a business project to convince investors to Finance the implementation of the presented business ideas. To his aid the participant of the TV show may have recourse at the end of the discussion of the draft, just before the sharks will make their verdict.

Being in a separate room, the expert observes what is happening on the set, and with participants talking on the phone in the Studio. If the expert couldn’t help the applicant, it is the intention of the producers, says nothing, and the applicant understands that it is time to leave. In addition, during the discussion, Andrey Zadorozhniy comment on the events, explaining to the audience why, in his opinion, the transaction took place, or, on the contrary, calls the reasons for the refusal. In turn, the host of Igor Molyar at the exit of the Studio asks applicants to share experiences.

At the request of the sharks (apparently, primarily veterans transfer Yevgeny Chernyak and Andriy zadorozhnyi) presentation of each project was shortened to three minutes instead of five like last season. During this time the participant must present the essence of his proposal to name the necessary sum of investments and share of profits to which he aspires in the joint venture. Not all managed to fit into the rules, briefly and clearly Express the essence of the proposal.

“Instead of calling, how much you need to invest in a joint business, how much it can earn and what percentage of the project’s author, the participants in the program begin to go into detail about the production. Sharks get bored because they think 10 times faster Challenger” — commented Andriy zadorozhnyi by one of the participants of the show.

Dinosaurs want cabbage.

Oleg Moskalenko, a reserve officer from Dnepropetrovsk, who decided to organize an amusement Park, like Disneyland, from the start began to talk about the features of dinosaurs that are identical to natural. In the Park was supposed to build the so-called oedema, high dome, which will be created parks dinosaurs, sharks, aliens and other exotic creatures. The first object was to be the “Jurassic Park”, by analogy with the acclaimed Hollywood blockbuster.

All animals and plants the author has proposed to manufacture polyurethane with scientific accuracy and in full size. The author of the idea for a long time urged the audience of business sharks that is going to build “a Park for all mankind.” But the speech did not say what exactly it is supposed to spend the necessary $5 million and what kind of activities the investor will be able to get their 90% profit. “It is definitely a part of the business, he came with the whole project, and with a piece of the business idea,” suggested business expert Andrew zadorozhnyi.

However, the business idea of creating an amusement Park and relaxation with cognitive bias inspired investors. Business sharks wanted to know whether the figures move or it will be fixed layouts, is it possible to make the theme mobile or they will be permanently installed. It turned out that the animal figures, you can make fixed, then upgrade. It turned out that Oleg still how to start a business with photography bathers on the background of the layout a great white shark in the Crimea or creating a small dinosaur Museum. He wants to focus on creating new characters in the future of the Studio-laboratory.

But in the minds of investors pragmatic businessman has defeated an awakened child. “The implementation of such a venture will cost at least $250 million, and payback no”, — categorically said Yuri Kosyuk. “Parks, you are talking about, built by the state,” said Oksana elmanova. “You have costs in the first year of operation of the Museum more than the income. What kind of investor are you looking for?” — asked Garik Korogodsky.

However, when it seemed that nothing can remedy the situation, Eugene Chernyak suggested Oleg to deal with the condition that he renounce his share in the business, and will work as an organizer of the Studio for the production of prehistoric characters. “This is a social project. What kind of managerial compensation package do you want? — the applicant looking directly in the eyes, inquired the businessman. — Not less than $1 thousand Done!” — happy to catch shark leaned back in his chair. “Oh, he just lost at least $5 thousand!” — sadly said the expert zadorozhnyi.

“That’s my goal and my door!” — suddenly, explained his acquiescence, the author of the business idea. In the eyes of the astonished audience experienced entrepreneur snatched from unpromising project most valuable person, capable to organize the production process. As it turned out later, many business sharks adopted this tactic, looking to bad at first glance, the offers fresh footage, interesting technologies or assets.

The next candidate has not thought up anything better how to create an “honest real estate Agency”. It turned out that Andrey Karpenko from the Kiev region works in one of the 500 registered in the capital of real estate companies. His reasoning boiled down to the fact that the majority of market participants operate through intermediaries, the payment for their services is prohibitive for a citizen, barely accumulated the money to do that. 90 thousand UAH he promised to create an Agency that will gain reputation somehow will work without intermediaries and will undertake to provide customers with the opportunity to pay for the services of realtors in installments. Investors were confused and clearly didn’t know what to create.

501-y real estate company. “What’s stopping you to work honestly in his office, to become a better employee and to receive an invitation to become a partner?” — asked the young man Yuri Kosyuk. It turned out that the applicant is no higher or special education, it is not the best broker in the firm and does not have a certificate of the appraiser. But he has a strong desire to create an Agency that will “like McDonald’s among fast-food”. Here’s how. Sharks do not like this arrogance, because they used not to give money, and invest. During the broadcast they said that trust funds management is possible only the competent person.

“I don’t understand why I have to deal with nailuchshim broker. On one honesty business will not do, — said Garik Korogodsky. — In addition to honesty need the business idea, ability, education.

Even the expert couldn’t think of anything to recommend Andrew. But here the loaded word suddenly said Sergei Tigipko. He agreed to provide the required amount, provided, however, that Andrew’s gonna work for 90 thousand UAH, and only if everything goes according to the business plan, it will be possible to discuss a 10% share. Andrew, without hesitation agreed.

Later, Sergei Tigipko explained his decision to colleagues on the aquarium: “I always prepare a long bench players. Impresses me that a guy wants to be the first person already having worked in this business. When I came to the founders and offered to create a Bank, my experience was four months. At first I was less than zero, but after three years gave me share.

Imperceptibly the conversation touched on the problem of poaching employees. But before business sharks good to complain to each other on the shortage of personnel, both in the Studio there is a new contender, ironically, made discerning businessmen to fight for his candidacy.

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