Small business ideas

After a fantastic success of the attraction “drunk” bar, the cost of opening that could beat just one good day of work, the market amusement amusements added another innovation — the attraction of “the expendables log.

The price of logs is comparable to the cost of the horizontal bar, and an average of 5 thousand rubles. Its maintenance does not need any cost. It is possible to carry in the car. It can be used in different territories. Fun from logs or slightly less. Yet the attraction is novelty – everyone has a chance to remove their portion “of cream.

The task of the party is simple and straightforward — hold the plank for 3 minutes. The log can hold only one hand. Like a drunken bar, the beam features a rotating crossbar that makes the process of retention is extremely challenging.

As a rule, after the first minute of the party weakens the grip and the beam begins to fall. According to statistics, only one participant out of 50 can last for more than 3 minutes. The entrepreneur always remains in profit.

The cost of participation in the attraction, typically 50-150 rubles. For resort towns the price tag can be up to 100 — 150 roubles. The prize for winning is 500 — 1500 rubles ( 10 times more than the cost of participation.

As with any other podoynitsyna (drunken bar, ladder, Bicycle) business success depends entirely on the location. Perfect places: parks, beaches, public squares, mass celebrations, holidays (may 9, Maslenitsa, Sabantuy, youth day). In resort towns “drunk” log earns in any high-passable place.

To increase business profitability, you can install several attractions in one place: “drunk” log, “drunk” the ladder and the horizontal bar. This will attract large number of viewers, and therefore customers rides. Each attraction requires only one operator, the loud and cheerful person.

According to some, the income of the ride is an average of 5,000 rubles a day, even when the price tag of 100 rubles means the participation in the game at least 50 people. The main condition of success — the constant crowd at the logs. Ideally you should have one or two assistants, the so-called “barkers.

Once the crowd begins to diverge due to the lack of participants — barkers personally take a log and begin to make it simple and easy to earn money. A couple of minutes — and by the attraction the formation of new wishing to show off his power.

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Business with small starting capital.

Monthly net profit: more than 80 000 RUB Initial investment: 2500 – 5 000 rubles Payback period: 3 to 5 days. Expand text.

Hello, my name is Andrew. We will focus on the business that is associated with an exit diagnosis of the car. About the case, which now brings me good income.

In one of the public read an article about a profitable niche, it told about how using a generic scan tool can do diagnose a car on the spot and identify the cause of failure. At first it seemed that the idea is very weak, but as it turned out, I thought so in vain.

The idea is to make a diagnosis of the car and identify the cause of failure. Early diagnosis was performed only at specialized service stations, equipment that costs from 200 000 RUB. in addition, to move with him beyond the limits of the service impossible, it must be connected to the network. The price of one diagnosis at a car service varies from 600 to 1 200 RUB. and with an auto – scanner that is ten times cheaper, the same diagnostics can be done for 300 – 600 RUB while having a high percentage of net profit. With the advent of new technologies and smart guys)), it has become possible to diagnose only with a laptop, smartphone or tablet and a special auto – scanner that is connected to the connector, which have all the cars from the mid-80s. In my case it was a cheap smartphone on Android.

What did I do and what are the pitfalls.

1. He started this business, I in parallel while working for his uncle. Hard, I admit, but someone easily in a crisis)) Well, if You are without a job, at first I recommend to start this business without registering himself as an entrepreneur, in order to save on taxes. Especially if there is no large initial capital, or if at all it is not. Just not worth it to spend money, yet the extra money. You need to register when a business is clearly established.

2. At first, I worked myself as there was no initial capital, and you had to understand and feel on their skin the whole process. In order to diagnose cars do not need to be an expert, according to the instructions which is attached to the chip can handle even 10 – year-old child. Although children now are more aware of technique than we are). Assistant need, when You physically do not have time.

3. One of the problems I faced was that my own car I had, was just working, where I went on applications and do their work. It is there that I spent my first experience in diagnostics. The first fault which showed the scanner — it was a “faulty oxygen sensor”. Here is what I lit up, because the fault was found within minutes, and I did my job.

4. The equipment itself consists of 3 components: 1) the scanner. Its price varies in the region of 2000-3000 p. 2) Software that comes with the scanner; 3) And last you need is a gadget with which will communicate with the scanner via Bluetooth. It can be a smartphone, tablet or laptop in my case was an inexpensive smartphone. By the way, when ordering the scanner beware of Chinese masterpieces. Scanner bought the official: Now they have launched a campaign and a discount of 51.

5. The most important point – this is the place from where the will go application. The source can be anything, for example: the ads on avito, distribution of leaflets under windshield wipers of cars, ads at gas stations, Parking lots, you can also work with car dealerships and service stations. I used Craigslist, for me it is the most budgetary and effective source of attracting customers. The return it is usually very high. I recommend to start with that, and over time, will be supplemented with new sources of advertising.

6. Oh, and finally how, in fact, the whole process from purchasing equipment, to making money: 1) You get all the necessary equipment (link indicated above); 2) advertise on Craigslist for example: Exit auto – diagnostic of only 300 rubles. You will not need to come, will diagnose right outside of your house . Leave your name and number. If done correctly, a lot of customers will not be)) are mainly customers are women of course who do not understand the cause of failure. 3) Accept applications and arrange for a place where you want to arrive to diagnose, in advance try to negotiate the time You arrive and the amount for diagnosis; 4) Further carry out the diagnosis itself, the process is very simple. Plug the scanner in to the connector, which basically everyone is in the cabin the glove box, there is lower left of the steering wheel, go into the program pre-installed on your laptop, smartphone or tablet, the app will automatically link via Bluetooth with the scanner. The app will show all errors that are in the car, such as broken oil pressure sensor, etc. as it makes a full diagnostic of all systems of the car. Then, notify customer on an existing fault, statistics show that talk about possible breakdowns in the near future. This process is simple and takes 5-10 minutes to practice on your car if You have one or on your car, as in my case; 5) Receive your hard earned money and go on the next order. With this approach, pure in day you can earn 1 800 – 3 000 RUB The first month and was working until got a new advertising sources. It came out a little more than 75 000 per month. Over time, will begin to expand, hire workers, increase advertising and thus increase profits.

Currently, this niche is almost no competition, but very much wanting to do this business, because it has a very low entry threshold and virtually no risk. This business is suited to those who do not have a big budget and dreams about his business.

So now what’s stopping You to open it.

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100 business ideas, sorted by the size of the initial investment.

A business with investments of up to 50 000 rubles.

1) Manufacturer of souvenir coins… Expand text 2) car Tuning luminous colors 3) Dermatoglyphics testing abilities by fingerprints 4) Santa Claus 5) Repair of household appliances at home 6) Printing photo on mugs 7) Creating stained glass 8) Toys hand made 9) Exclusive cakes to order 10) Service restoration baths 11) Printing printer for flowers, nails, as well as on Souvenirs and other small gizmos (Easter eggs, fruits, cell phones) 12) Creating furniture for Pets 13) Organization of custom tours.

Business from 100 000 to 200 000 RUB.

14) Manufacture and sale of cotton candy 15) Production of paving slabs of Sandstone (natural stone) 16) 17 Thrift store) Selling popcorn vending via network 18) Services of waterproofing liquid rubber roofs, floors, ceilings, foundations, basins 19) in the tool rental 20) Manufacture of photo 21) Inspection of houses by the imager 22) Organization of mini-plant for production of concrete and concrete mixes 23) Private kindergarten at home 24) Drilling water wells 25) Realization of soft ice cream out of the freezer 26) Manufacture of mirrors 27) Manufacture of seals and stamps 28) Dry washing of motor vehicles.

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