Sphere of business.

Depending on what field the business is organized, and changing the final yield of the enterprise. You can select multiple areas of implementation of business projects: production, trade and services.

From the position of evaluating all of the risks involved, the most dangerous to open the case in the sphere of production. Because in order to get a good profit we need to invest in the idea and to create an effective enterprise, produce quality products and sell it to the buyer at a reasonable price. In the case when the released product is not much demand, the normal income from it will have to wait a long time.

In addition, the risks of losses are higher if manufactured food products and other perishable items (fresh flowers, cosmetics), because then the increase of loss from impairment of raw materials and finished products.

In addition, the manufacturer should be always “on the wave”, that is, to be aware of the slightest market trends: latest trends, consumer preferences, new raw materials and technologies, methods of advertising etc.

Trade is occupation for a long time, and the first results will become obvious only after a couple of years. Moreover, profitability is not guaranteed, but is achieved through hard work and struggle with competitors.

The field of trade. To be a mediator between the manufacturer and the end consumer is incomparably more profitable than to produce goods. No investment is required in technology, business ideas, you can create a range of selling products only from the most marketable at the moment. The main costs – the organization of retail space and hiring qualified staff. In fact, most of the profits get end sellers, not the Industrialists.

The scope of services. Western experts say that the larger the share of services in GDP, the more developed is the economy. And the sector is developing very dynamically. To services include a variety of products in the market, ranging from mobile communication and Internet to the barbershop around the corner and the stall “Shoe Repair” near the bus stop.

This area requires less investment, but more likely to get a handsome profit. Itself as if intangible. She’s nowhere to be stored it will not go bad and morally obsolete. This service is just biding his time, when someone will be needed. All you need in one place and the tools with the materials for its implementation.

Most importantly in the service sector – to be able to offer exactly what will be demanded by the buyer at a convenient time and in a suitable place.

More specifically about what kind of business is now the most cost-effective, will be difficult to allocate a specific issue. The fact that the profitability of the enterprise is affected by many different factors: the location of the business, the structure of the local population, its ethnic features, the density of the competitive environment, the availability of raw materials, energy and labor resources and even climatic and political conditions of functioning.

Certainly, among the leaders are the types of businesses associated with activities in the global Internet network and its services. The demand for these services is constantly growing, followed by rising prices. And in the future, neither the price nor demand will not fall, as the borders of the Internet market is constantly expanding, and the number of required services is increasing day by day. As example, and a trivial shopping online, dynamic online casino, Agency for web design and content creation, Internet Dating clubs.

In reality, the most profitable is a business built on the desire for light entertainment or money. It’s cafes, bars, restaurants, casinos, lottery clubs or bookmakers. Also here you can include more mundane services on the organization of the rides, including cash prizes.

Following the entertainment industry is service, or customer service, preferably entertaining and vacationers. Because this category most prone to big spending and expensive purchases. Here is a list of seasonal rentals of various entertainment products and devices (sports equipment, catamarans), the sale of Souvenirs and food (kvass, pies), the provision of services on transportation of passengers, renting of housing.

The next item in the list is trade. To get a good profit, you need to initially choose to store lively place, where there is always a lot of people and where the sign trade object will be immediately visible. The position of store type “residential square, away from the stops, the entrance to the cellar from the yard” reduces the number of potential buyers at least two times.

In the last turn, told about the production, but this does not mean that by releasing the goods, you cannot create a super profitable business. Just in this case you will need a bit more work. The main thing is to do at least one thing: either to offer consumers something unique, or find an empty niche where such goods have never been. Then the buyer for the price and the demand will be good.

For example, all competitors make furniture according to standard projects from MDF or chipboard, and someone produces a piece products from natural wood with hand carving. This is a unique offer. If the enterprise for production of PVC Windows the only game in town and all the surrounding villages, it will be filling empty niches.

In General, to accurately determine the most profitable business is hard enough. The final financial result is a combination of external and internal factors impact and the result of the influence of the personality of the head.

The sphere of small business.

For guiding your thinking in search of the most successful areas of application of their efforts, we offer a hundred options actually implemented by private businesses in Russia that require virtually no start-up capital and easily realizable in practice.

1. Organization of a private travel Agency. You can work as the representative of travel agencies and organize their own tourist trips to interesting places (sea, mountains, museums, etc.

2. If you possess good writing style, you can work as a copywriter, under the order, both for individuals and for firms.

3. If you have knowledge in the field of agriculture, can earn, working as a consultant.

4. Having a home phone and a sea of free time, you could work as a Secretary or a Manager on a home phone. This does not always mean you will have one “master” and your total wages may become noticeable.

5. If your hobby is Antiques, you could work as an intermediary for the sale of Antiques. You don’t have to have a shop. Because you can sell Antiques through the Internet, the network of agents at home, through ads in Newspapers. You can also hand over the goods in antique shops that will take your product for a Commission.

6. If you are perfectly fixing all your home appliances, you can reach out to a large circle of customers. Enough to give a small ad, and if you really have “Golden hands” – a good monthly perk you are guaranteed.

7. Consultant for architecture and design – wide field activities.

8. An art consultant.

9. A private art gallery. If you have a good room in town, available for meetings, exhibitions and sales of local artists, once or twice a month you could arrange a paid display or sell such works, earning it.

10. If you show yourself as someone with artistic abilities, the range of application of your efforts can be very extensive: from the execution of artistic and decoration work under the order to advertise his paintings. What if your picture touches the emotional strings of a wealthy man.

11. With minimal knowledge of astrology, as well as a simple computer and software for drawing up astrological charts, you can earn.

12. If you possess competent writing and a rich creative imagination, try yourself as the author of articles, booklets and books.

13. Despite the fact that technological progress has gone far ahead, such a technique, as the bike remains quite popular (especially in small towns and rural areas). Get them to the rehabilitation and repair of clients you will have.

14. If you live in an area that is often visited by tourists, and you have a suitable bed country house, it is possible that you have a chance to earn.

15. Quite in demand now such a service as a private kindergarten at home.

16. If you have a rich theoretical and practical experience in accounting or law, you probably already work with a private accountant or attorney of any entrepreneur, and, most likely, not one.

17. Repair and alteration of furniture. If you have experience with wood, can be claimed in this direction. Learn from old furniture under the order and from his own material (or her) to do one that will look better than new.

18. Manufacturer of scented candles.

19. Day groups for children. This is a very popular business. Nowadays there is a high demand for day-care group. Have appropriate training? Love children? Have patience? This business is for you.

20. Designer rooms for Pets. People love to spoil Pets. Why not capitalize on it? Create houses for kittens or dogs that would look exactly the same as homes of their owners.

21. If you have a quality computer and laser color printer – in fact, you have a simple desktop publishing system. You just have to hold it, trying himself as the publisher of various guides, letters, flyers, etc.

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