The best social projects of Russia

The annual “Best social projects of Russia” was created in support of the policy of the Russian Government to strengthen social policy on the basis of partnership between the state, society and private business.

The social projects have become an effective way to the mutual understanding between business and government, business and society to facilitate the formation of a civilized socially-developed society in Russia.

Objectives Of The Program.

To collect and systematize practices of implementation of social projects in Russia.

To analyze the projects by the Expert Council in the field of social marketing.

Compile and disseminate a directory of the best social projects among business, government and nonprofit organizations.

Participant of the competitive selection could be the organization/the business/media of any form of ownership registered in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, carrying out activity in the field of social responsibility.

To participate in the Program accepted projects in the field of CSR implemented/operating in Russia since 2009.

The basis of participation is completed and sent to the address of the management application with project description. The company may provide additional materials to the application: presentation, reports, certificates, awards etc.

The application shall be sent to the members of the Expert Council for the assessment of the submitted project.

The Directorate shall be obliged within 30 days to provide the result of the completion of the project in the final selection. The company, whose project undergo expert analysis and will be included in the final catalog of the best projects of the Program.

Applications for participation in the V Annual National Program are accepted until 20 April 2017.

The program and the Forum will be held on April 28, 2017 in the Imperial Park Hotel SPA.

Participant of the competitive selection could be the organization/the business/media of any form of ownership registered in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, carrying out activity in the field of social responsibility.

Applications for participation in the V Annual National Program are accepted until 20 April 2017.

The program and the Forum will be held on April 28, 2017 in the Imperial Park Hotel SPA.


28 April took place the 5th anniversary Program “Best Social Projects of Russia.

At the site of Imperial Park Hotel SPA held a jubilee Program “Best Social Projects of Russia”. By tradition, the event opened the Forum in which leading managers in the field of corporate social responsibility, representatives of foundations and state agencies discussed topical issues of development of social responsibility, and shared their successfully-completed cases.

The event concluded with an Awarding Ceremony, which was led by renowned theater and film actress, public figure Irina Bezrukova. Also the event was supported by Russian pop stars who have made their own contribution to charity and active in the field of CSR: Rodion Gazmanov, Mikhail Mamaev, Maria Berseneva, Anastasiya Kraynova and many others. Rodion Gazmanov and Anastasiya Kraynova in gratitude to the organizers of the Program have performed their popular compositions that increase the festive atmosphere of the evening.

This year it was announced more than two hundred projects, but the winners are only a few of them. For example, in the category “Environmental Projects and initiatives” won the project “Utilization” of the company “Eldorado”, which is already not the first year demonstrates its social responsibility. “Our company adheres to the principles of customer focus at all levels of its activities and at the same time pays special attention to current environmental issues, ‒ says Irina Teplinskaya . Director of public relations company “Eldorado” . ‒ We regularly carry out actions related to the improvement of the environment, and are proud to have become a three-time winner of the “Best social projects of Russia” for the action “Disposal”, which has become the hallmark of our network. With full confidence I can say that such initiatives are important for our society and designed to promote the proper attitude to nature and home appliances, which at the end of the period of operation may harm the environment.

The program consisted of 13 categories, one of which was “improving living conditions”, where the coveted award was received by GK “Grenelle” . The President of the company Nigmatullin Ilshat shared with the organizers their position in relation to the social aspect in the construction industry: “CC “Grenelle” is a socially responsible developer, with extensive experience in the construction industry. Is not the first time we committed for completion of projects and help the investors to get their homes. The company consciously involved in resolving these difficult situations, and assumes the additional social and investment burden, because we as developers it is important to provide people with housing and to increase confidence in the construction industry.

The awarding Ceremony has rewarded the best social practices implemented both in Russia and internationally. Thankyou for the opportunity to promote social issues was also expressed by Alexander Nektorov, General Director of the company “Nektorov , Saveliev Partners” . “We thank the organizers of the “Best social projects of Russia” for the attention of the project Nektorov , Saveliev Partners “Major transactions and related party transactions” . Very pleased that the guide was useful for many lawyers, General Directors and managers. We will develop in this direction.

Also among the winners of the Program: JSC “Kaliningrad amber plant”. Janssen, the pharmaceutical division “Johnson Johnson”, a Children’s city of professions “Kidburg”, LLC “Prosperity”, “Environmental investments”, the Service “WAIT”, Samsung Electronics, ENVIRO Chemie GmbH, Huawei, non-commercial partnership “I hear the world”, Salym petroleum, Charitable Foundation “Food of life”, Responde, OJSC Severneftegazprom, IDGC of Centre, JSC, SUEK, Ural airlines, Rostelecom, CJSC “Russian copper company”, QIWI, the Fund socially-cultural initiatives of the Republic of Abkhazia, Charitable Foundation “Amway” “In charge of the future”, Dobrovest-communication, Directorate theatrical Cass “Bileter”, Mail Bank, Sakhalin energy investment company, FGC UES, Sberbank, Procter Gamble, Company “health-care party”, Foundation “together”, ANO “international Center of Domestic Tourism.” Movement without risk, WLHL, AVI Media, Ice cube, Mirra, Makor, JSC “Vipservis”, LTD. “SPLAT-COSMETICS”, LLC “NESTLE Rossiya, a supermarket Chain, “I – favorite”, GROHE. DSK Avtoban, Ecobox, PJSC “SIBUR holding”, Zebra fitnes, OOO “Teva”, and many others.

An important category of the Program was “the Support of sport and healthy lifestyle”, which was attended by companies and organizations that have achieved the best results in the field of promotion and support of sport in Russia. My position on this matter was expressed by the President of a network fitness-clubs “Zebra” Sergey Roshchupkin . “The main goal of our company is to promote a healthy lifestyle. We would like to get more people engaged in fitness and sports. We built about 50 fizkulturno-improving complexes, and I counted about 3 million people, including 400,000 children. Here are our results over the years of our work. We are waiting for You in fitness.

Also, it is impossible to leave unnoticed the unique project of Skincare “Space is closer than you think.” His opinion about the project shared Digital-producer Svetlana glukhareva . “Who of us in childhood did not dream to meet the man who had been in space. We decided to arrange a meeting of astronaut with our wards guys. Thanks to Sergey Volkov for the fact that he has agreed to come April 12,, in astronaut holiday. Children look forward to Dating and even prepared drawings for Sergei.

Program “Best Social Projects of Russia” is held since 2012. Every year it brings together leading companies, foundations and government agencies that support the initiative of the organizers in the promotion of social issues.

Official media partner is media holding “Expert.

Sweet partner of the event, TORDOFF.

Beauty-partner of MIRRA.

Dear organizers and participants of the annual program “the Best social projects of Russia.

Program “Best social projects of Russia” is, without a doubt, is a platform for exchange of experience implementation of projects in the field of corporate social responsibility between the state, business, society and the media. The issues of constant search and introduction of effective approaches in the field of social responsibility, promotion and implementation of best social practices today, more than ever, are important and relevant.

Our common aspirations – to create awareness of the representatives of all institutions and organizations of the importance of social investment and development.

Olga Sosnitskaia, Deputy head of Department of especially protected natural territories Department of natural resources and environmental protection of Moscow.

Charity program “EVERYTHING” is among the best social projects.

In their number, according to the expert Council, held in the “ALL” who make a great contribution to the solution of social tasks, the degree of involvement of employees and third parties.

All-Russian programme of private donations “for ALL” was launched in July 2015 at the initiative of the QIWI Group, which services allow you to safely and effectively implement targeted assistance to the needy.

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