Restaurant business.

This book, dozens of authors. Everyone is very professional sional who devoted his life to the food industry. The owners of a tiny cafe and restaurant managers of networks, leaders of large holdings and the creators of small targeted projects – all of these people have invaluable experience from years of daily practical work in the industry. They tried a myriad of ideas and solutions for effective management of their business, and we chose the best and have now decided the hearth to pour them with our readers.Built on the principle of collection of useful tips, the book is a hundred no a trusted Advisor for all professionals who seek to develop their establishments interested in export of nom quality of services, and most importantly, understand that the restaurant is not a hobby, not entertainment, and not an attractive object of investment, but th complex, multifaceted and sometimes unpredictable business.

We regularly hear that the restaurant business is “a business of details”, “business at your fingertips”, “the theater based on the nuances.” A lot of them – small and big tricks that allows you to turn virtually any institution in a successful, thriving restaurant. And even more unfortunately, things that can kill a restaurant business. Oleg Nazarov, the author of superbestseller “How “spin” restaurant”,”How “spin” restaurant-2″, “How to ruin a restaurant” and “Best restaurant chips of peace” gathered in new book a truly unique experience three hundred of the most successful restaurateurs in the CIS. Continue reading

Business ideas

If you did not leave the desire to become a businessman, good news that an interesting new idea for a business and a little effort is all that is needed. But the fact of the matter is that the right thoughts are not always on time come to mind. If you don’t know where to start, here is a list of interesting business ideas for small business that do not require sophisticated computer knowledge. Read them, and they will definitely inspire you to step into this exciting entrepreneurial path.

Online shop.

You don’t need to be a major supermarket with a retailer to create an online store. No matter whether you are selling directly to buyers or to use direct delivery, for a start you only need to create an online store and have a good management system for online trading. Can realize your goods or products from suppliers in a particular niche. As new ideas for business, if you know how to do something with sokiryani can sell their handmade goods and have a good profit on your hobby. Continue reading

How to promote your website or business on Facebook

Hello, dear blog readers In the article about the promotion of commercial websites I have listed all the basic methods that are available to the owners of the online business.

There was mention SEO promotion. contextual advertising (in particular Yandex Direct and Google AdWords ), and it was mentioned about the website promotion in social networks (SMM and SMO). The latter method is increasingly gaining popularity.

The audience of social networks is huge and not try to use it for their benefit would be a mistake. Why? Because when you work with social networks, you get direct contact (actually trust) with your target audience (without additives), which greatly increases the likelihood that they will become your customers. Another thing is that to implement all this in practice is not always easy.

Today’s article I want to start a series of publications on the topic of promoting your business (commercial site) SMM and SMO. We begin to start with social network Facebook. which, though inferior to VK on the size of the Russian-speaking audience, but it is superior in quality. We will talk about creating business pages in Facebook . about attracting audience,about advertising, content and more. Continue reading

Marketing – a new look at the business in smart colours
For a couple of decades, the Russian marketing was the big evolutionary path. The same can be said about marketers. Today in many companies marketing is already at a high…

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Home business on the Internet
To build on the work I couldn't, because was a student in full-time and earn a mover or promoter for a penny also didn't want to. About Drazdy I thought…

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A network marketing company.
Network marketing, MLM, Marketing plan in business for the company plays an important role in the diffusion of products. Network marketing is a marketing concept that implies creating multilevel organization…

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