Who needs this MBA.

Master of Business Administration is the most prestigious degree in business education, which appeared in America in the early twentieth century and recognized today throughout the world. Features of the MBA is to focus on practical experience and coverage of the different areas of management. Theory in the General structure of the course is given a relatively small place – focus is on working with “real” situations (case-studies.

In addition to the standard MBA program of General management (General Management) in recent years widespread specialized MBA courses. Conventionally, they are divided into two groups: sectoral (e.g., banking, construction, oil and gas sector) and functional (Finance, marketing, logistics, etc.). Sectoral programs are mainly created under the orders of major companies. In Russia, in addition to General Management, there are also specialized programs in Finance, IT, logistics, marketing, HR. Of sectoral programs in the Russian market there are MBA with specialization in the field of real estate management, hotel and tourism business. In the West the emphasis is not on diversity programs and how the school has established itself in certain areas of study. “Western school can afford to maintain a serious state professors, leading research in many areas.Due to this, in the framework of the standard MBA program, students are offered more elective courses, explains managerproject a major Russian company.- In Russia, the modest budgets of schools, state teachers less, so it is more profitable to recruit groups that are entirely or shared, or a specialized program.

There are also Executive MBA (EMBA), which in Russian version are not much different from a standard MBA. In the West, an EMBA is designed for executives with solid professional experience. Classes for this program are on the job, and the cost of training is usually higher than when receiving the MBA.

Business school and diplomas.

Previously, the only way to obtain a Western MBA was to go to study abroad. Today there are programs developed jointly by Western and Russian business schools that allow students to obtain a diploma the Western model, without leaving the country and saving a considerable amount of money. The basis of such programs is West training course, adapted to the Russian specifics, including in part case-studies. As a rule, training is conducted in Russian domestic teachers, but the knowledge of business English is necessary.

Many Russian business schools use Russian program, but the control and dip – Lonny the project are checked in a Western business school. Upon completion of the course, graduates receive diplomas of the Russian and Western models.

There are also a number of schools (e.g., American University of business administration), which had been adapted out of American MBA programs, including American cases. Taught in English, graduates receive a Western diploma. Of course, issued at the end of the joint program of the Western cum – weak competitor similar document received after teaching at West school.

Experts note that a joint program with Russian schools have universities that are not “top” in the West (except, for example, the Stockholm school of Economics). Therefore, if a candidate is important not only Western diploma, but also the brand of the University in the top ten, then studying abroad is the only option.

The ratings of Russian business schools began to appear relatively recently. In the Russian rankings is more difficult to navigate than in the West, due to the use of different methodologies, lack of adequate statistical base for graduates and others In General, in all known studies the top three were: the Higher school of international business Academy of national economy under the Government of the Russian Federation; – NOU “Moscow international higher business school “MIRBIS””; – Higher school of corporate management of Academy of national economy under the RF Government.

Higher business school of Moscow state University first among Russian institutions was included in the international rating based on the results of the 2004 consulting company QS TopMBA. In the list of European schools, she took 36th place. All educational institutions in the QS TopMBA were divided into four groups by region: North America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific, Latin America. The rating was based on surveys of HR managers and recruiters.

Forms and conditions of learning.

When choosing the form of training applicants are offered the sa mye varied options. Full-time (full-time) would dive into the learning process with complete separation from work. Duration of study in American business schools is usually two years, European – a year. But there are two-year programs, such as the London Business School. Classes option of full-time classroom are conducted in groups and take about ten hours a day or even more if we are talking about European schools such as INSEAD. Recently both in Russia and in the West very popular evening and modular MBA programs: in dynamic conditions, managers do not want to leave work and completely to devote themselves to their studies for a year or two. Modular programs are convenient to students from other countries or cities. The course is designed so that students learn at home without separation from work and come to school on schedule for attending classes and exams. Evening programs, as well as modular, allow you to study without seriously affecting employment. “Plus, this form of training is that the knowledge obtained can be immediately applied in practice, – says commercial Director of the multidisciplinary production of the holding, the listener’s evening MBA program in a Russian school. – And not just possible, but even necessary. The flow of new information is huge, and if you do not anchor it in practice, a large part of this will soon be forgotten. Although, of course, not always the experience and cases from practitioners working in the same sector of the economy, can be directly applied in the business from a different region.

The number of Russian schools offer so-called mini MBA program. If the standard biennial MBA about 1,000 hours of training, the students undergo a mini MBA course for 192 hours. Such program conducts Russian school of marketing, the first in the Russian market, mastered the mini MBA. In addition, some Western and Russian business schools offer distance learning programs. But in any case, the exams are in person. Although if a Western business schools in our country have a partner, the exams can be conducted in Russia.

The cost of training in Western and Russian business schools can vary several times. Applicant MBA degree in Russia will need to invest in their education averaged about 11-13 thousand. Getting a MBA in the West, depending on the University and programs to prop is from 20 to 100 thousand dollars. In addition to direct training costs, there are indirect payment for medical insurance, meals, textbooks, etc. for option full-time, their sum can range from half to full cost of annual tuition fees. Not everyone can afford it. However, experts advise not to panic: the costs can be offset by the credit for training of a grant from a special Fund or scholarship in the business school. Loans – the most common method of payment used by many students. Since 1995, Europe has a program of Investing in an International MBA Loan Program created by the European Bank for reconstruction and development (EBRD) and the Dutch ABN Amro Bank. A number of European schools in implementing their program of study students credit on the basis of agreements with the major banks. In America, many business schools have partnered with Citibank, allowing the training credit is not a problem. In addition, some schools have developed their own loan program for students. The main condition for receiving credit for such programs is admission to a business school. It is convenient that the student is exempt from the payments on the loan for the duration of study, plus 3-6 months after graduation. In Russia, lending to students is also becoming popular.

Banks usually offer education loans without reference to specific business schools, but they both seek to sign partnership agreements that provide students with favorable credit terms. What to do? The higher the rating of Western business school, the more severe and stringent requirements put forward by the applicants. But past this test you can be sure that they will learn in group of students with the same high level of training. For many MBA applicants the opportunity of such dialogue and creating new business relationships is one of the main reasons they came in the classroom. A set of core documents for admission standard. Entrant must fill out forms, write essays and make recommendations. But may require additional documents (e.g. CV). Higher education is a prerequisite for admission to the MBA program. Some business schools may impose conditions in respect of minimum experience or work experience in managerial positions, etc. In addition, Western business schools for admission will need to pass the GMAT (and TOEFL sometimes), and as the next stage of the selection process can be conducted interview.

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